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Just another one night stand…

Ryann despised the thought, but it was the only one she could draw when she woke up in an empty bed. Tired of being let down by everyone she cared about–aside from her brother–Ryann begins taking her life back, pushing back at all the bad and ugly life tosses at her.

Ryder knew the moment he left Ryann alone in bed he’d made a mistake. Running and hiding from his family for years, Ryder didn’t want to pull her into that life. She deserved more than constantly moving from place to place.

Ryann just can’t push again. Life is winning and she just wants to lay down and give up. Now, she must make a decision: to run from the truth, or step up and admit what she’s known all along. And Ryder… nine months later and he can’t get Ryann out of his head. He wants her more than he wants to run.

But there’s a terrible truth he has to face: it might be too late for Ryann to give Ryder his second chance.

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Rebecca lives near the shore towns of New Jersey, with her husband and two kids. When she’s not writing she loves reading and watching SOA and TrueBlood.

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Second Chances
Rebecca Brooke

Second Chances is the continuation of Ryder. It starts about nine months after the book Ryder finishes off.


Ryder is kicking himself for the mistake he made of leaving Ryann in his bed without a word. He just wasn’t ready to let her in his life so he had to get out of there. He wouldn’t see her until he had his life turned around.


Ryann knew she was taking a chance by falling for the bad boy Ryder. She hoped he was going to be different than other guys but boy was she wrong.


When they bump into each other months later, it is Ryder’s chance to come clean about why he really left. Ryann believes him but she is reluctant to give him another chance.


The pull between them is as strong as ever. They both feel it and are going to put their hearts on the line again.


Ryder is determined to succeed in winning Ryann’s trust again but when his past comes barreling at him, they could lose everything.


I loved this story. I thought book 1 was great but this was fantastic. The story flowed beautifully and these characters were definitely made for each other. The story just grabs you so you cannot put the book down. Ryder is definitely a sexy alpha male you will swoon over.
This author is fantastic and I definitely recommend this series to read!


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