Pub Fiction Series by Gillian Jones




Pub Fiction Series by Gillian Jones
My Mind’s Eye (Pub Fiction #1)
Ryker & Kat’s story

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She is the epitome of the girl next door, but with a feistiness that makes my dick throb.
I’m drawn to her like no other. She stirs things in me I have no desire to feel, makes me long for things I shouldn’t.
This is my game. I choose the players. I never play for keeps.
I don’t believe in fate. I make my own destiny. I work hard and play harder. Luck is for pussies, karma for idiots. Me, I make shit happen.
Meeting her fucked up my plan. Threw me off my game.
I’m now face to face with my karma. Her name is Kat Rollins.


Ryker Eddison is the epitome of a player. You know the type: Mr. Get In and Get Out.
He’s all about the chase, wanting just one night. Everyone knows this, I know this. Still, I find myself craving him, my greedy body betraying what my heart and mind already know: he will only bring me pain.
He’s the guy that girls like me should avoid. I’m smart, I know better. But when I’m with him, I feel things I’ve never felt before. Things I never knew I wanted.
I can’t deny it … I like the chase. The high is explosive but I’m afraid if I give in, I may end up losing more than I can handle: my heart.



On the Rocks (Pub Fiction #2)
Levi & Braun’s story


Four years ago, losing the love of my life almost destroyed me.
Years of being labeled and looked upon with disdain by everyone in my hometown almost wrecked me.
Four years ago, I became a mother and together we were enough… until I met him.
He wanted to rebuild my broken —I just didn’t know how to let him.
This is my story, of how one man’s love changed everything I thought I knew about life, love and myself.
Can Levi Eddison prove to be my restoration?




Everything in my world changed the day Braunwyn Daniels walked into my pub.
She was a woman of many contradictions. I recognized the happiness and sorrow each fighting its way to the surface from deep within.
I was drawn to her immediately.
Behind her long legs, chestnut brown hair and beautiful eyes lay a damaged soul.
I needed to change that —I just didn’t know how.
This is my story of how I met a broken girl and vowed to make her whole.
In the end, it turns out I knew nothing about true happiness until Braunwyn Daniels let me love her.


Coming Soon in 2016
One Last Shot (Pub Fiction #3)
(Claire & Matt’s Story)

My name is Claire Knox.
People say I’m the female version of a player, a boyslayer…if you’re fluent in urban dictionary speak.
I hate long term relationships. I’ll never commit to sticking around long enough to get attached to the notion of love, marriage or the proverbial two point five kids.
No siree. Not this girl.
There’s no way I’ll let myself get hurt by losing someone I love ever again.
Been there, felt that.
Consider me damaged goods if you will; but I’m happy.
Or so I thought…until my path crossed with his again.
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Author Bio
I’m a wife, mother, and a crazy Canadian, living in Ontario with the loves of my life–my amazing hubby and sweetest little boy. I’m Admittedly addicted to… my friends, red wine, shoes, handbags, and laughter. My biggest addiction, however, is reading. That shit runs deep in my veins, I’m a lover of alpha males, hot sex, with a side of angst all topped off with the perfect happy ever after.
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Pub Fiction Series
Gillian Jones

My Mind's Eye


This is the first book in the Pub Fiction series and I loved reading this! Ryker is a notorious player and he has one well known and unbreakable rule of one night only. He never makes an exception to his rule for any woman and makes it very clear to them from the beginning that this is the way it’s going to be in order to be with him. He’s had a few clingers along the way, but has quickly made it very clear that he will never change his ways for any one woman ever. Kat is new to the area and applies for a position at the local bar Pub Fiction as a shooter girl. The bar is owned by Ryker’s brother Levi and Ryker works there as a bartender to help his brother out. From the first time they see each other there is an immediate and intense connection between Ryker and Kat that is almost tangible in nature and at several points he actually growls at her which is hot as heck. Kat knows Ryker is trouble with a capital T and she knows that he could give her the hottest night of her life if she let him. This is tempting for her since she hasn’t been with anyone since her last train wreck of a relationship with the jerk that cheated on her. And now he won’t get the message that she doesn’t want anything to do with him and is currently stalking her. The trouble with giving into her cravings to give Ryker a chance to rock her world is that she isn’t a one night stand type of girl and knows that she’ll get her heart broken in the process if she gives in to him.

It was sheer torture to watch these two play what at times seemed like it was going to be an endless game of cat and mouse with each other and I just wanted them to get it on already! Ryker was fighting the urge to be with Kat because he had the sense right from meeting her that she was going to be more than a one night type of woman and Kat was fighting tooth and nail not to give in to her urges and have her heart run over in the process. This went on for months and was driving me crazy since I just wanted them to get together already! The benefit to all of this dancing around each other was that they were able to take the time to really get to know each other better, which I think was essential for both of them in the long run. I loved all of the secondary characters in this story and Claire and Kat’s relationship made me wish I had a Claire in my life too. I really enjoyed seeing how much Claire was there for Kat whenever things became too much for her and could see Kat coming out of her shell as this story progressed thanks to Claire and Ryker’s influence. This is a great love story full of lots of good feels and I highly recommend this to anyone to read.


On The Rocks


This is the second book in the Pub Fiction series and I enjoyed this one even more than the first! Braunwyn, who goes by Braun, was destroyed by the actions of her boyfriend four years ago and her entire life has been on hold since. She’s just now at the point where she wants to start trying to rebuild her life again and is looking for her very first job in order to help her to do so. Pub Fiction happens to be seeking applicants and Braun puts her resume in with the hopes of being given a chance even with her complete lack of experience. Levi is the proud owner of the bar Pub Fiction and he’s desperately seeking to replenish all of his staff that’ve graduated college and are off starting their lives. He schedules an appointment for an interview with what he incorrectly assumes is the young man Braun even though he lacks in experience, since he has a local address and might actually stay around for more than one school year in their college town. He’s completely floored when he comes in to interview Braun when he discovers that not only is she a woman, but that she is one very good looking one at that. Levi has lived the player life just like his brother Ryker up until now and no woman has ever affected him like the one currently standing in his office. He immediately knows that his entire life is about to change.

Braun has been through a lot in the past several years and is understandably reluctant to let anyone get close to her. She is keeping a huge and extremely important part of her life a secret from Levi and everyone at Pub Fiction and isn’t ready to let them into that part of her life just yet. Braun and Levi feel a strong and intense pull towards each other that is getting harder and harder to deny and she’s having a hard time with the guilt she’s feeling over wanting something with him. She’s going to have to figure out a way to let the past go and to move forward with her life and this is going to be the hardest thing that she’s ever had to do. I really enjoyed reading this story since I admired Braun’s incredible courage and the strength it must have taken for her to be able to get through the extremely difficult things she’s been faced with at such a young age. Most would crumble under that kind of weight and suffering and she stood strong and refused to give up. She sure had one definitely adorable and precious reason to fight to stay strong though and I absolutely fell in love with Emma from the first word out of her mouth. My favorite parts of reading this story were the heart melting interactions between Levi and Emma and their super-secret Mystery Incorporated club. Go Scooby Doo!! I wanted nothing more than for these three to find happiness together and to be able to create a beautiful family out of a tragic situation and couldn’t get enough of reading this. I especially enjoyed the arrow tattoo that Braun got on her finger and the meaning behind it really struck a chord with me. I highly recommend reading this book, this author and this series to anyone and I look forward to reading much more from her in the future.


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