Until You by Heather Dahlgren


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Until You  
By, Heather Dahlgren

Exclusive Excerpt:
When I turn around to face him, I notice that he’s watching my every move. The way he is looking at me, with the moonlight radiating off his deep brown eyes full of lust has me squeezing my legs together. I can’t help but stare at him as he slowly walks toward me. My heart beats rapidly in my chest and my breath hitches in my throat. In this moment, although I’m not exactly sure what is going to happen, I feel a part of me come back to life.
Hunter runs his knuckles down my cheek, and I involuntarily lean into his touch, my eyes drifting closed at the intimate gesture. He lifts my chin so that I am looking into his eyes.

“Murphy, I’ve never wanted to kiss someone as badly as I want to kiss you right now,” he says, licking his lips.
I feel so desired looking at the moonlight reflecting in his heated eyes. I swallow and poke out my tongue to wet my lips. “Kiss me,” I whisper.
He leans forward and presses his lips to mine, and I melt into his arms. I wrap my arms around his neck and he licks the seam of my lips, seeking entrance. I open my mouth to him and when our tongues connect I feel a fire burn throughout my whole body. Unable to control myself I moan as he sinks his fingers into my hair. He deepens the kiss, and I can’t believe the reaction my body is having to him. It’s overwhelming, yet I want so much more. This kiss is not what I expected, it’s slow, sweet and sensual. Almost like he is trying to express himself to me silently, and I am more than happy to listen.

Heather Dahlgren writes Contemporary Romance, sprinkling each book with a bit of humor, a lot of naughty and true love. She self-published her first book in 2014 and continues to do so today. Her over active mind promises the stories are in no short supply. Heather grew up and still resides at the Jersey shore. She loves being so close to the Atlantic Ocean and the Pine Barrens. She is surrounded by the best of both worlds.She is married to her high school sweetheart and has three kids. There is nothing more important in the world to her then her family. When Heather isn’t writing you can find her getting lost in a great book, spending time with family and helping her fellow authors.
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*Until You is a standalone novella in the Happy Endings Resort Series*
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Until You
Heather Dahlgren

This is a fun, sexy novella that will leave you wishing for more.  Murphy has come back to Happy Endings, where she vacationed as a child, to escape her boring life and try to figure out what should come next.  She isn't looking for love.  Just an escape from a career she loves but a life that is lacking.  Deciding to throw caution to the wind she ends up at the local bar and in the company of the town manwhore.   Hunter is sweet, sexy and happy with his long line of one night stands.  That all changes when he locks eyes with the new girl in town.
This is a quick, fun read that is perfect for a lazy Saturday afternoon.  Even though it's short, it feels complete and the characters are written in a way that makes them feel like any one of them could be your best friend.  There are some pretty hot scenes that are equally sexy and sweet.  I think you will fall in love with Hunter just like I did.

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