Unwanted Sacrifices by Sapphire Knight





Title: Unwanted Sacrifices
Series: Russkaya Mafiya
Author: Sapphire Knight
Genre: Contemporary/Erotica/Mafia/MC/Romantic Suspense
 Release Date: February 29, 2016


SabrinaSold. I never imagined I would be grateful to be bought by the Bratva.

One more year and i was set to marry evil. I’ve heard the gruesome tales of that family before.
I’m awarded with a new beginning when I’m given to the mafia, for Nikolai to keep.
He’s unlike anything I could of dreamed of, especially after the screwed up way I was raised.
The problem? My betrothed isn’t willing to give me up.Nikolai

I’ve lost what I love; they were stolen from me, tortured and violated.

I feel like I’ve fought my entire life to fill the void left inside.
My heart is coated in sadness but I’m good at keeping it locked deep.
The Mafia saved me, but now I’m faced with yet another unwanted sacrifice. I won’t let her go. I have to save this one. *Can be read as a standalone, but characters from Secrets & Corrupted are present in this book.



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Author Bio
Sapphire Knight is the author of Secrets, Exposed, Relinquish, Corrupted, Forsaken Control and Unwanted Sacrifices. Her books all reflect on what she loves to read herself.She is a Texas girl who is crazy about football. Sapphire has always had a knack for writing, whether it is poems or stories.

She originally studied psychology and that has only added to her passion for writing. Sapphire has two boys and has been married for ten years.

When she’s not busy in her writing cave, she’s busy playing with her three Doberman Pinschers.

She loves to donate to help animals and watching a good action movie.
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Unwanted Sacrifices
Sapphire Knight

Nikoli and Sabrina have been dancing around each other for years. Unaware of each other's feelings, they maintain a friendship as chaste as possible.

Unaware that darkness lurks close to home, they enjoy the freedom and their friends. That freedom ends on what was supposed to be a happy event.

Now everything separates them from love. Niko is desperate to declare his love and have her home safe. Sabrina is beginning to feel that she will never see her love again.

Sacrifices are made, but hope is never lost.

I have been a fan of this series since the beginning. I was really excited and enjoyed reading Niko's story.


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