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This is an incredibly touching and beautiful love story about a woman who finds love deep in the South and I truly enjoyed everything about this book! Cole Masten is a world famous actor and household name and everyone either wants to be him, or be with him. He is used to getting everything he wants and being able to buy everything else. He has people who do everything for him and has become used to this way of life. Summer lives in the small southern town Quincy where Cole’s newest movie is planning on filming and she’s already hearing all the local buzz about how excited everyone is about the big star coming to their quaint little town. Summer’s been living on the outskirts of the town’s social circles ever since an unfortunate, and extremely hilarious, incident that occurred three years ago and she’s glad to finally have something more interesting for the townsfolk to gossip about other than her and her past issues. Cole’s coming out of a marriage that was considered long by Hollywood standards and is doing anything and everyone in order to get over his wife’s betrayal. He comes to the small southern town of Quincy, Georgia to film a movie that he’s in charge of creating and doesn’t expect for the small town or those living in it to affect him the way that they do.

I absolutely loved watching this small town girl with tons of sass bring the bad boy famous Hollywood actor to his knees and out of his practiced and plastic coated shell. Cole has been living for far too long as the suave and flawless playboy and I couldn’t get enough of seeing him being pulled out of that cold exterior by Summer’s warmth and down to earth personality. She’s perfect for him in every way and exactly what he needed at this difficult point in his life. I got a huge kick out of the way she refused to take any crap from him and how any time he tried to give her a hard time she was more than willing to give it right back in spades! This book covers every emotion there is and had me tearing up at some points and laughing out loud at others. My favorite parts of this story were the ones where Cole and Summer forgot about all of the drama going on around them and just simply existed together having some pretty hilarious and ridiculous fun times and I couldn’t get enough of these parts. This is an incredible and touching love story that I loved reading and I highly recommend reading this book to anyone.

4 stars!!


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A Torre

New York Times Bestselling contemporary romance and erotica author Alessandra Torre is a leading name in the world of self and traditional publishing. In 2012, a 28-year old Torre self-published her first novel, Blindfolded Innocence, an erotic romance which quickly grew in popularity, landing at #1 in Erotica and remaining there for over two weeks. In less than three months, she was earning five figures monthly. This success attracted the interest of literary agent Maura Kye-Casella and major publishing houses. Today, Torre has published nine novels, become an international bestselling author, has had numerous six-figure publishing contracts, and has attracted Hollywood interest in her erotic thriller The Girl in 6E. Alessandra Torre is represented by Maura Kye-Casella of Don Congdon & Associates.

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