Hemingway’s Hope by J.C. Thompson



Title: Hemingway’s Hope
Author: J.C. Thompson
Release Date: March 7, 2016
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Hemingway has spent her life trying to earn love she was never going to get. Not capable of earning the love of her mom, she found what she thought was a lifelong love, until it wasn’t. When she meets Max, the new drummer in her brothers’ band, she just might find that love she has been searching her whole life for.
No stranger to pain and heartache. Max has learned from his past, that when you find someone worthy of your love, you give it all. Losing his mom at a young age showed him how fragile life is. He lives life with as few regrets as possible, and when he wants something he fights with all he has to get it.
Hemingway doesn’t stand a chance against the force that is Max’s love and devotion, not that she would want to.
Will Hemingway be able to move on from her past and open her heart up to love? Will Max be the one to show her the way? Or will they give up and move on when Hemingway is forced to confront her past head on?
“So what exactly happened between you two last night? Bec never came home.” Raising my eyebrow as I wait for an answer, everyone’s eyes snap over to where Becca is currently trying to put space between her and Jay. When I feel Max’s hands on my thighs, I look up at him.
“What?” I ask, trying to keep an innocent tone to my voice.
“That wasn’t very nice of you,” he says with a smirk. I can see the laughter dancing behind his eyes.
Looking back over to Jayden, since it appears neither of them are going to answer, I press on. “Looks like you moved Becca up your to-do list?” I try to keep a straight face, but it’s not easy, especially when I can hear Bodhi fighting back his laughter, and can feel Max’s chest shaking with silent laughter as he buries his face in my hair.
“Come on, Hem, you know that line was only for you.” Max stops laughing and his head shoots up. I’m a little afraid to turn around and see the look on his face, and from the satisfied look on Jayden’s face, I would guess that he successfully hit his mark.
“What do you mean that line is only for my sister?” Niki questions.
Unable to fight the laughter anymore, I tip my head back and let out a laugh from deep inside.
“The day I met Jay, he asked if I wanted to go somewhere and hangout.” Fighting back the laughter, I look over at Niki and Eli.
Shaking his head, Jay chuckles. “She said she was too busy to hang, so I look at her and deadpanned, ‘I was too, but I just moved you to the top of my to-do list.’ She slapped me.” This has all of the guys hooting in laughter. I look over at Jay, and he winks.
Author JC Thompson was born in raised in the Pacific Northwest. Where she currently lives with her high school sweetheart, two little girls, and five furry kids (3 cats and 2 dogs). JC loves to read romance, the smuttier the better. She is a self-proclaimed book addict that likes to get last in a false reality anytime possible.
Hemingway’s Hope is JC’s debut novel, and it won’t be the last. 


Hemingway's Hope
J.C. Thompson

I am so happy I got a chance to read Hemingway's Hope. This is a quick story focusing on Hemingway, her life, family, and her brothers band.

I read this and saw how she was treated by her mother and it makes me sick that someone would treat their child like this. The sad part is it happens in real life to some people. Then they either continue the cycle, stop it, or go on with their lives and make it better. Hemingway's brothers were there for her as a child and now they are all still close to each other as adults. She was lucky to have them and close friends to help her see she is worth love.

She of course was dealt a bad hand with her mother and then her ex boyfriend is just as bad. She just seems like she cannot catch a break. This is why her brothers look out for her and do not want any of their band mates dating her. That is until Max....

Max is their new drummer, but he is so much more than that for her. After all she has endured in her life, he is the one who can possibly help her forget. He has been through loss and he has dealt with it in his own ways.

They have chemistry and it is very sexy. With all the hurdles in both of their lives, they can possibly get past them and be happy. They just have to make sure they do not let the past hurt their future. I can't wait to see who the next book will be about.


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