Rewriting the Rules by S. Moose




Author: S. Moose

Genre: Standalone New Adult/Romance Erotica
Cover Artist: Sommer Stein at Perfect Pear Creative Covers
Photographer: Pat Lee
aeea0-rewriting2bthe2brules2bebook2bcoverOff limits. Stay away.
Don’t even think about it.
I know the rules.
I repeat them endlessly in my head.
But damn it, I can’t stay away.
Can’t stop thinking about it. About her.
She’s perfect. Beautiful. Exceptional in every way.
When in the world did she grow up?

No! I refuse to touch her. I won’t do it.
But I did. Just once.
And now. I want more. So much more.
Once I’ve set my mind to something, nobody can stop me.
Not even him. Screw him.
He’s just my best friend.
She’s just his little sister.
Rules are meant to be bent.
Broken. Hell, rewritten.
How bad can it be?

“This was a beautiful easy read, drew me in and kept me engrossed.” – Goodreads Reviewer


“Loved this book could not put it down. 100 % recommend.” – Goodreads Reviewer



“It was an easy read, well-paced—it draws you in and keeps you hooked.” – Goodreads Reviewer

S.Moose is a New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author, living in Webster, NY with her family, friends, and shorkie, Charlie.

A 2011 St. John Fisher graduate, S.Moose loves to read and write. She enjoys getting lost in the fictional world and creating a place where readers can fall in love and swoon over the cute boys she brings to life. When she isn’t in her room in front of her computer or a book, she is with her family and friends being silly and enjoying life. She’s romantic at heart and loves anything with a happily ever after.

Rewriting the Rules
S. Moose

Rewriting the rules is a combinations second chance and brother’s best friend romance. It seems like 90% of the time a brother’s best friend romance fits a certain mold. The little sister is in love with the best friend whether or not he is seems to vary in these stories…Rewriting the Rules definitely rewrote the rules and broke the brother’s best friend mold. This book exceeded all of my expectations.

Charlotte and Troy have known each other for years, and have loved each other for so long. Unfortunately for them, the timing never seemed to be right. A few years later they reenter each other’s lives and you can tell they still care deeply for each other. There were so many emotions running through me while I read this, there were times I was so mad at either of them and my kindle feared for its life. I absolutely loved the characters throughout the story, not once did I want to put the book down. This was an amazing story, and so much better than I was expecting.


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