Why Now? by Carey Heywood



Title: Why Now?
Author: Carey Heywood
Release Date: March 22, 2016
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He was my everything.
I loved him.
For over twenty years.
And everyone knew, including him.
But he never loved me back.
Not once.
Not ever.
So I moved on.
Until now.
Now he’s back, and wants to make me his.
He’s everything I’ve ever wanted.
I should be happy.
But there’s one problem.
My fiancé.
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New York Times & USA Today bestselling author with 13 books out and many more to come. She was born and raised in Alexandria, Virginia. Ever the mild-manner citizen, Carey spend her days working in the world of finance, and at night, she retreats into the lives of her fictional characters.
Supporting her all the way are her husband, three sometimes-adorable children, their nine-pound attack Yorkie and their needy Ninja cat.


Why Now?
Carey Heywood

A Very Enjoyable Story!!! It's a Romantic Heartbreaker at times,and makes you grab for the Kleenex! I would not exactly call it a second chance romance,because the first was a major crush!! A one sided,almost stalker like in nature,crush!!! I know that everyone has had a crush at sometime in their life,I know I did!!! I know that you think you're in love,and all you want to do is have them notice you! Return your feelings! But,how many have had a crush on their best friends older brother? I mean,the following into the bathroom,entering their bedroom(without knocking) kind of crush! That is the kind of crush Kacey had for her best friend's older brother,Jake! At one point,everyone in town knew about Kacey's crush on Jake! It would have embarrassed the heck out of me!! But,Jake tolerated Kacey,and thought it was cute for awhile. He always thought of her as another sister,until she was just..everywhere!!! He had to put a stop to her stalking ways,his friends were riding him about her,and it wasn't cute anymore!

Fast Forward to a few years,Kacey's all grown up!! Jake can't help but notice Kacey now! She's STUNNING!! I was Soo Happy that Kacey turned into such a beautiful person,I couldn't stop smiling! She was beautiful Both inside and out!!! Jake noticed too!! But, I had to laugh because,she has finally recovered from her Jakecrushitis!! Yes,the thing that has caused her years of heartache and heartbreak!! She is engaged!! I was more than a little worried about a relapse when Jake comes home! Will she break the engagement and choose Jake? Jake,an oilrig worker,who comes and goes as he pleases,or go for stability?

I recommend this story! It was well written,and had me smiling at the end! I loved Kacey,Riley,and yes,Jake too! I look forward to reading more about the characters,and more from this author!


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