Falling Ashes by Annie Anderson



Book: Falling Ashes (Ashes to Ashes #2)
Author: Annie Anderson
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: 21st March


Mena Constantine is pissed off.

Finally freed from her fifty-year imprisonment by a maniacal leader, she is desperately trying to recover and get her life back. Problem is, the life she had is long gone. Struggling under the weight of her memories and healing from the wounds of her captivity, she can’t seem to catch a break. Every waking moment, death seems like a relief she would welcome.
Asher Crane is a dead man.
As a Guardian to the King, his only purpose in life is to keep the King alive. And he’s failing. Miserably. With the King ill, the Queen dying, and zero plans for a successor, he’s pretty much screwed. Because if the King dies, the law says Asher dies, too.
As these two wounded souls collide in a series of bloody and unfortunate events, they will clutch to the last shreds of life before death beats down their door.
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© Copyright 2016 Annie Anderson
She’s going to leave me.
That thought runs on a loop through my head, and I want to rip the house apart in my unmitigated rage. I should go back to John and Olivia and see how I can help, but losing time with her rips apart my chest worse than anything I can imagine. I want to do my duty, but I need her more than my next breath.
She’s going to leave me.
And I can’t remove myself from this hallway. Even when Aidan comes in behind me, I don’t move my eyes from the door separating me from the only woman I could ever want.
“John wants you to get back to the house, Ash,” Aidan says gently from behind me, and I close my eyes to the battle waging in my head, and rest my forehead on her door.
She’s going to leave me. One way or another. She’s going to leave.
“I’ll make sure she stays here, but you have to go,” he says, and it takes a moment to realize I spoke my thoughts aloud. When I finally open my eyes and look at the man I’ve called a friend for so many years, he winces at the look in my eyes.
“I swear it, Ash,” he promises, and I believe he’ll try, but nothing and no one can hold Mena if she doesn’t want to be held.
I can only nod.
“John needs you, Ash.”
I stare at the door a moment longer before traveling to my King, dreading every moment I’m away from Mena. It only takes a few seconds, but it kills me, and I can’t believe John has been away from Olivia for even a minute without losing his fucking mind. How can he stand this? This clawing, gouging ache. It rips at my chest, and I have to focus all my energy on not traveling back to her. I knock on the chamber door, and I cannot fathom what I can do to help when I feel so torn in two.

Author Bio

Annie Anderson is a military wife and United States Air Force veteran. Originally from Dallas, Texas, she is a southern girl at heart, but has lived all over the US and abroad. As soon as the military stops moving her family around, she’ll settle on a state, but for now she enjoys being a nomad with her husband, two daughters, and old man of a dog.

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Falling Ashes
Annie Anderson

This is the second book in the Ashes to Ashes series and this series just keeps getting better! This author does an incredible job of creating a world filled with fascinating creatures and non-stop action that makes you never want to leave and I loved every second of reading this! This is Mena and Asher’s story and Mena has been imprisoned for the last 50 years by the maniacal leader of the phoenixes Iva and she’s just recently been freed by her sister and her group of warriors. She’s having a difficult time dealing with finally processing everything that’s happened to her while she was held captive and with keeping her incredibly strong powers under control.

We meet her sister Aurelia in book one of this series, which I strongly recommend reading before this one so you can better understand everything that’s going on here and have a better understanding of the characters that are previously introduced. Aurelia is also a powerful phoenix and along with the help of her mate Rhys she is determined to make up for lost time from her estranged sister and to help her overcome the things she’s gone through. Asher is a wraith and one of the warriors who’s been fighting alongside Aurelia and he knows from the second he sets eyes on Mena that she is his mate. The problem is he’s currently attached to his king and queen and his queen is slowly dying. Once she goes, both the king and Asher will follow right behind. These are two mates who are going to have to face the fight of their lives in order to be able to be together and start off with everything working against them, which will only serve to make their victory that much sweeter in the end.

I loved everything about this story and I definitely plan to continue reading this series. There’s so much happening in the pages of this book and it grabs hold of you and doesn’t let go up until the very end. I wanted this story to keep on going and can’t wait to see what happens next. The secondary characters only add to make everything that much more interesting and I hope they all end up with stories of their own down the line. I especially can’t wait to read more about Aurelia’s best friend Evan since she’s truly one of my favorite characters. This is a highly addictive paranormal series that I can’t get enough of and I recommend it to anyone to read!


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