HEART LIKE MINE by Maggie McGinnis



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Echo Lake #2
Maggie McGinnis
Releasing April 5th, 2016
St. Martin’s Press
Blair loves her job at Echo Lake’s Mercy Hospital, where she’s developed a
reputation for being smart, fair, and driven. When she’s assigned to cut
funding, she has to temporarily relocate her office, put on borrowed scrubs,
and go toe-to-toe with Dr. Joshua Mackenzie, the interim head of the pediatrics
department. His killer smile and rock-star body are distractions Delaney could
do without, but she’s determined to stay focused while she brings his budget
into line.

It’s not working.

Beloved by his colleagues and patients alike, Josh is too busy caring for sick
kids to talk numbers with the sexy, stiletto-clad Delaney. Every time they talk
business, tensions run high…but so does a powerful attraction neither of them
can ignore. When an emergency brings Mercy to its knees, Delaney and Josh must
work together to save lives. But can they also find a way into each other’s



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USA Today bestselling author Maggie McGinnis is a Golden Heart Finalist who lives in New England, vastly outnumbered by both children and cats. She writes sweet romances set in Montana and Vermont, and feels extremely fortunate that through her books, she gets to fall in love every single day. She’s a sucker for romantic comedies, popcorn, and the perfect green pen, and if she wasn’t an author, she’d totally be rocking a Nashville club in her pink cowgirl boots. It’s probably good that she embraced the author thing, because her singing skills are better suited to the shower, and really? Pink cowgirl boots?

Maggie McGinnis

Delaney job is numbers.  She needs the numbers to match.  She has to make cuts to reflect the numbers she has been given. Matching numbers isn't difficult, but when those numbers mean more than numbers- its impossible. Cutting the pediatric budget, in a hospital with 3 years of consecutive budget cuts, it tough. Pediatrics is her baby.  She does everything to bring money into that department. All it takes is one meeting with the acting department head to tip Delaney's word on its axis.

Dr. Mackenzie has a department that is filled beyond capacity and a budget that is drier than the desert.  With no fluff, no padding, and nothing those paper pusher on the 6th floor, can cut out.  When faced with the pending cut, he issues a challenge to the beautiful woman in front of him.  you want answers, you need to experience our department.
One ultimatum changes everything for Delaney, Dr. Mackenzie, and the pediatric department.  Will it be enough?  Will they make the budget work?  Can they raise funds?  What about the tension in the air, will it dissipate or thicken?  Will they take a chance?
So many questions that are all answered, when you read this sweet and charming story. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Delaney, Josh and all the characters on the pediatric floor. Heart Like Mine is the second in the Echo Lake series.  I haven't read the first but i know who its about.  I plan to change that soon. It is not necessary to read book one before this book, but it will probably give you a better idea of the friendships in this book. Its worth the read.

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