Hard Impact by Helen Grey






Excited to be taken seriously as a journalist, Misty Rankin accepts her first official writing assignment. She’s to ‘get the dirt’ on sexy billionaire Blake Masters, owner of Hard Impact, an extremely popular and growing outdoor adventure company. Within seconds of meeting him, Misty knows she’s in serious trouble.

Blake Masters guards his privacy above anything and detests having a journalist prying into his life. Especially his past – that terrible time he doesn’t want to remember. With each question she asks him, he wants to hate her. But can’t.

Thrown together by circumstances, Blake takes Misty on the adventure of her life. Neither are what, or who, the other expects. After spending a few days together in the wilderness, they’re both forced to confront some harsh truths about themselves. And about each other. If the past doesn’t rip them apart.


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Helen Grey is the author of the hot alpha military romance series “Serving the Soldier”.

Her passion is to write steamy erotic romance and she loves hot billionaire bad boys. Lucky for her, these two go perfectly together… Find out how in her books!




Hard Impact
Helen Grey

I found this to be a fun story with a bit of mystery.

Misty is a reporter trying to work up the ranks so she can get to where she really wants to be. Working at Sweet Success ( a small step- ok, more like half step- up from tabloids and trashy magazine) is not her dream. She's barely even a reporter. She does filler currently. Until today, her boss brings her in for a big one...

That big one is billionaire play boy, person of interest in his father's murder, and CEO of Hard Impact- Blake Masters.

Blake is a very private person. He doesn't speak to reporters. He never divulges his personal affairs. So this interview promised by his Board is really bothering him. He doesn't want to deal with their questions. So he decides to play it his way...

Blake and Misty embark on an adventure, that neither can anticipate the outcome.

With so many questions between them, Blake and Misty are definitely going to experience the ride of their lives.


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