Tapping The Billionaire by Max Monroe






Tapping The Billionaire by Max Monroe

Release Date: April 26, 2016


If you’re the type of woman who prefers crotch selfies to small talk, this book isn’t for you.

If you enjoy random men you’ve never met filling up your inbox with dirty words and porn—for reasons focused more towards diddling your donut than laughing at the absurdity—this book isn’t for you.

If you HATE laughing, this book isn’t for you.

If you want your male leads to grunt, thrust like jack rabbits, and have one-track minds that prefer a nice pair of tits to brains every hour of every day for the rest of forever, well, then, this book still isn’t for you.


If you enjoy a good swoon, a hearty laugh, witty banter, and some hot as f*@% f*@%ing, then consider Georgia Cummings your Girl Friday and Kline Brooks your next irresistible book boyfriend.




Blind dates? Online dating profiles? Been there, done that.

Georgia Cummings has zero luck with dating, and the era of the internet is not her friend.
No matter how fast she runs, how many corners she turns, she can’t find her way out of this weird, alternate universe where men think dick pics are a replacement for small talk and getting to know a girl. One more crotch selfie and she might write men off for good…

But why can’t she stop fantasizing about him?

Kline Brooks is the quintessential billionaire bad boy—dark, styled, short hair, muscles for days, and a panty-dropping smile.
Except—he isn’t.

As his employee, he won’t touch her with a ten foot pole.
But she won’t touch him either.

Too bad their hormones missed the memo.








Tapping The Billionaire
Max Monroe

I'm not sure what I expected when I started this book but I do know it is not what I got. It was so much better!! I mean, let's be honest, my curiosity about who these authors are is what originally led me to "Billionaire". But why? I mean lots of authors write under secret pen names. Why was this one different? I don't know and we can analyze that later if you want. The only thing that matters is that you meet Kline and Georgia asap!!

This book is not like any other billionaire book I've read. We've all been there, right? Billionaire flashes is money, gets the girl and they ride off into the proverbial sunset. If that's what you were hoping for this may not be the book for you. Kline Brooks shatters the billionaire book boyfriend mold. He is humble, loves is family and has a group of friends that have been around long before the money. Oh, and he has a cat that hates him.

But that's not what you really want to know, is it? You want all the dirty details. You want to hear hot and sexy and absolutely swoon worthy Kline Brooks is. Well, who am I to deny you? Gah! This man! He is without a doubt all the things I just mentioned but he is also sweet and funny. He's a big romantic softy that happens to run a $3 billion company and plays rugby in his spare time. The epitome of professional he never mixes business with pleasure. Until Georgia Cummings.

Georgia is smart, educated and has a crazy best friend that you are going to fall in love with. She has over the top parents that she loves and a sexy brother that I hope gets a book. Hint, hint!!

"Let go of who you thought I was...who you think I'm supposed to be. Be here with me now." ~ Kline Brooks

This review is getting a little long and I could go on all day about this book. But I don't want to bore you so I will leave you with this.

This book was absolute perfection!! It hit all the right notes without too much drama!! It is a delicious combination of sexy and sweet. It has some super steamy scenes that will leave you begging for more and some that will leave you a puddle of mush. It is sassy and funny with an amazing cast of characters. I am already looking forward to the next one.
I hope you decide to take a chance on Kline and Georgia. I think you will be glad you did. This one is has earned a spot at the top of my reread list!!

~ Kimberly Anne


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