Tapping Her by Max Monroe




Tapping Her by Max Monroe

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Blissful in Bora Bora…

Kline and Georgia Brooks are fresh off their wedding and ready to indulge in the honeymoon of a lifetime.

Luxurious and private, their overwater bungalow in the South Pacific is the perfect backdrop for fun, sun, and enough sexiness to necessitate a dip in the clear water to cool down.

But marriage means more, and Kline and Georgia may have to find a different way to handle the heat.

Nowhere near normal in New York…

Thatcher Kelly loves wild women, and Cassie Phillips is about as wild as they come. Put them together and they are a match made in chaos.

Bound by cat-sitting responsibilities, Cass and Thatch have to find a way to right their mistakes—and wade through the dense cloud of sexual tension that seems to suffocate the room whenever they’re together.

Will they be able to resist?

And more importantly, will Walter be okay?



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Tapping Her
Max Monroe

Gah!!  I can't get enough!!
Tapping Her was the perfect little novella.  It's sexy, sweet and funny as hell!  You will swoon and there is definitely that panty melting thing.  But in the end it will leave you with a big fat smile on your face.
Told from dual POV's, Tapping Her gives us just enough to leave us begging for more.  It's sexy and sweet and so swoony <<< is that a word?  Well, it is now because this book is gonna leave you all swoony!!  Yes, I know I repeat myself but, it really needs to be said!!  It's just a perfect little nugget of goodness after the I do's that only scratches the surface of what these authors have waiting for us.
There were more laugh out loud moments between Cassie and Thatch than I can count.  There is a lot of dirty talk and the banter between these two is crazy funny!! And don't even get me started on Walter and Stan!  There are more than a few sweet moments too so you really can't go wrong.
Tapping Her is just what I needed to hold me over while I wait for Banking The Billionaire.  It's really just a fantastic (HOT) read that I completely devoured!  I have officially and unequivocally fallen in love with Max Monroe!!
~ Kimberly Anne

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