Unexpected Reality by Kaylee Ryan




Title: Unexpected Reality 
Author: Kaylee Ryan
Genre: New Adult Romance
 Release Date: July 12, 2016


Expect the unexpected. That’s what they say, but it’s easier said than done.

How do you expect a change so huge it rocks you to your core?
How do you prepare yourself for an event that will alter your life forever?

One breath
One second
One minute
One hour
One day at a time, you learn to live with your unexpected reality.

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Author Bio

Ryan has had a passion for reading since she was a little girl. That passion
has slowly led to spinning romantic tales, and a one-click addiction. When she
doesn’t have her nose stuck in her kindle or fingers glued to the keyboard, you
can find Kaylee hanging out with friends and family. She loves all genres of
music, and enjoys scrapbooking. She lives in Ohio with her husband (her real life
happily ever after) and their rambunctious little boy.

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Unexpected Reality
Kaylee Ryan

Sigh!!  Ridge Beckett has me swooning and sobbing at the same time.  Gah!!  This book has all the feels!!  Every time I think Kaylee Ryan can't get any better she goes and proves me wrong.
Unexpected Reality is about, well, the unexpected reality of life.  We think we've got it all figured out - successfull career, friends, single and loving life -  and bam!  Life throws us a curve ball and things change in the blink of an eye.
I loved this story and it's build up.  The characters are honest and real and full of emotion.  Ridge is sexy, sweet and he left me (and my panties) in a puddle on the floor.  His devotion to the ones that he loves and his determination are just a few of the reasons why I fell hard and fast for Ridge Beckett.
Kendall is such a lovable character that I wanted to take her home with me and beg her to be my bff.  She is so kind and loving that I couldn't help but root for her and her HEA.
But things aren't easy in life.  We face obstacles and our journey isn't always smooth.  Unexpected Reality is a heartwarming and heartbreaking story about love family and the true meaning of friendship.  I laughed and cried and begged for more when I turned the last page.
Thank you Kaylee Ryan for bringing Ridge and Kendall into my life.  Ridge has set the bar for all my future book boyfriends.  And UR has earned a spot at the top of my reread list!
~ Kimberly Anne

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