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Title: My Next Book Boyfriend

Author: Vicki Green

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: October 3



A girl can’t have too many

Imagination can turn into reality
when you least expect it

Rylie Clark’s life is happy. She loves her best friend, her job, and a good romance story. She lives in her dream world, being taken away to another place, another time. Her list of book boyfriends is a mile long. It grows almost daily but she loves them. Every. Single. One.

Being the owner of a coffee shop is no easy task when you’re a bit of a klutz and are so shy you can’t form a coherent sentence when speaking to a guy. Every day is a new adventure in the land of hopeless romantics and the book boyfriends who enter her life. Literally.

Come find out what happens when her next book boyfriend walks into her coffee shop.

*This is intended for 18+ readers due to adult language and situations.

A Hot Tamale on a stick teaser

A naked guy in jeans and a hoodie


The humming of B.O.B. echoes in the bathroom but suddenly the sound lessens along with the vibration. “What? No!” I’m out of the bathroom in a flash, jog out of my bedroom and run down the hallway. Sliding on the wooden floor, I grab ahold of the kitchen doorframe, catching myself before I fall. I race into the kitchen and open my junk drawer, scouring for my batteries. “Not now. Not now. NOT NOW!” I sigh in relief as I find the package and gasp when I remove the last two. All I can think is that I need to make sure I write batteries down on my grocery list first thing in the morning.Buy Links





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About the Author

Best selling Author of Romance and Romance Suspense, Vicki lives in Kansas with her husband and two boys as well as their 3 dogs that rule their house. She loves spending time with her family and furbabies as well as reading.

Look for more exciting romance adventures in the future.

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Are you ready for your next book boyfriend

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My Next Book Boyfriend
Vicki Green

This was a nice rom com.
A quintessential book nerd, Rylie "Ry" Clark loves and I mean LOVES her BBF's.  She sounds like most of us if I am being honest.  My BBF list is obscene.  And some people might look at it and say WTH????
Ry was raised by her gram when her mother didn't want to be a mother and she never knew who her father was.  So when her gram passes, she gives her the best gift.  Her Coffee shop which has a small little reading area.
Ry has no problem talking other BBF but put a real life man in front of her and she becomes an introvert. So much so, she has been known to run and hid into the staff bathroom until her "freak out" passes.
Jaxon Miller, walks into her coffee shop and is sized up as potential BBF status. He is a bit reserved when Ry and him start to get to know each other as to what he does for a living.  Weird.  But he is always on his laptop just typing away. "Dreamboat" as Ry nicknames him, becomes a regular even after their first encounter Ry is caught daydreaming about what he could do to her and she burns herself pouring his coffee.  Then Ry being Ry (did I mention she is klutzy?) somehow finds her way into his arms and unintentionally feels his "package!"  And what a package it is.  She is such a klutz!
Ry totally freaks out when she finds out that an author signing is coming to the town over from her and she MUST go. Her current favorite author, J. Stearns will be there and  NO ONE and I mean NO ONE knows if they are Male or Female.
This story has a lot of secondary characters which include Ry's best friend- Molly , a homeless puppy, a couple of coffee shop workers, a HAWT movie star.
What happens when Ry finally gets to see who the infamous author is-she is totally shocked  And how is Dreamboat involved?
This was my first Vicki Green book, I see more in my future!

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