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It’s a call that changes my life–and my little girl’s. Years ago, playing for the NBA was the dream, but the Seattle Stallions suck. Worse than that, my old teammate is now the star center–not to mention my number one rival. There has to be a catch, some sort of agenda. Before I was injured, I was the best. Now? There’s no way they want me.

But when I see the roster and salaries, it all comes together. It’s a chance to get on the court again and change our lives. And I just can’t wait for the opportunity to finally take him down. What I never counted on is Courtney Cohen being the game changer.

I inherited the Bad News Bears of the NBA. When I discovered the star center, my ex fiancé, cheating on me, all I want is to jump ship before the whole thing sinks. But with revenge on my mind, I exact a plan. Take down the dirty player and save my father’s dream.

Suddenly twelve minutes is too little time, and a season is not long enough.


“You still afraid of me?” Courtney asks. I push her hair out of her face. “No.” “I’m afraid of you.” “No beer muscles tonight?” I ask, glancing at her empty glasses. She shakes her head. I scoot in closer to her. “Tell me what you’re afraid of.” “Liking you too much,” she says then takes a drink. I turn her in her seat so she’s facing me. “You’re gonna like me even more when I’m inside you.” Her body grows taut. “You can’t say stuff like that. It makes me uncomfortable.” “Well, now I’m going to have to do it more often to get you used to it; make you crave it, beg for it.”

About the Author

USA Today bestselling author MJ Fields love of writing was in full swing by age eight.

Together with her cousins, she wrote a newsletter and sold it for ten cents to family members.

She self-published her first contemporary, new adult romance in January 2013. Today she has completed seven self-published series, The Love series, The Wrapped series, The Burning Souls series, The Men of Steel series, Ties of Steel series, The Rockers of Steel series and The Norfolk series.

MJ is a hybrid author and publishes an Indie book almost every month, and is signed with a traditional publisher, Loveswept, Penguin Random House, for her co- written series The Caldwell Brothers. Hendrix, Morrison, and Jagger. All three books in the series are published. The Caldwell brothers don’t grow into alphas, when their mother passes away they become her legacy, her good in the world of bad.

MJ was a former small business owner, who closed shop so she could write full time. She lives in central New York, surrounded by family and friends. Her house is full of pets, friends, and noise ninety percent of the time, and she would have it no other way.

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Offensive Rebound
MJ Fields

I LOVE SPORTS STORIES!!!!  I don't know what its is about them but I am a huge sucker!  Especially of my favorite sports:  Basketball, MMA & Football. In no particular order.
Maybe it's the vision of these men all hot and sweaty playing hard..........Phew, I gotta get back on track.
Everyone loves to exact revenge on a known advisory. Better when it's with their ex.....
Courtney Cohen thought she was in love. Brock Boeheim,  the star of the Seattle Stallions.  Brock was the captain of the basketball team her father , Charles Cohen owned. He was always stealing glances at her. So when her farther suddenly passed away, Brock was there for her. So of course she said yes when he proposed. Too bad Courtney found out the hard way the real reason for the engagement.
Trae Rhodes- Getting a second shot at his basketball career and to do what he needs for his daughter, Too bad his reunion with Brock isn't one of a HEA. There is some deep seeded bad blood between these two that goes deeper than just on the court.  Once he sets his eyes on Courtney his plan of action may have changed but still going in the direction he wants.  Charles brought him here for a reason. They just aren't all obvious at the time.  Can Trae put his trust into another woman?
Even with a broken heart-"the show or in this example the team must go on."   After the passing of her father, Courtney decides to take over the ownership of the Stallions who have become the laughing stock of their league.
Will Courtney be able to prove the Stallions management, players and fans that she can handle a male dominant sport. Can she trust a player that her father hired on with no real reason? Or will she put her trust in another person who is only out for himself.

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