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Remy Blake

Release Date: March 30th

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The daughter of my oldest friend is now my responsibility. I expected a
little girl in pigtails. What I got was a Lolita with an attitude that
drives me insane, and a body that fuels every man’s fantasies.

She’s everywhere I turn. Tormenting me, teasing me, taunting me; wrapping
herself around my every thought. Invading my life in more ways than one.
Ivy Colt is my poison.

I know I shouldn’t want her, but like her namesake she’s an itch I need to

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She clings to me like a second skin once we’re on the highway. Riding with
her plastered against my back, her pussy pressed against my ass is like the
best foreplay ever. I wish I could take advantage of the build up when we
get home. There’s nothing I like better than to fuck after riding.

By the time I park the bike in the garage and put both helmets away, Ivy is
already inside the house. Removing my boots at the door, I walk to the
kitchen in search of a beer. It’s hot as hell out there, today.

Ivy’s in the kitchen drinking water from a bottle, her head tipped back
exposing her smooth neck. I stop in my tracks, looking her over from her
wind blown hair all the way down to her sexy little feet.

She finishes her drink and notices me there. A smile breaks out over her
face and she rapidly closes the distance between us. “I had so much fun,
Brock,” she smiles and throws her arms around my neck. My arms wrap around
her like they have a mind of their own and my hands caress up and down the
middle of her back. Each time they get dangerously close to her ass.

She lifts her head from my chest and stares at my lips. It’s an invitation
that’s impossible to miss and impossible to turn down. Leaning forward, I
brush our mouths together and pause, waiting for her to change her mind.
Her hands on the back of my neck urge me down to kiss her again. Slamming
our lips together with an out of control need, I grip strands of her hair
between my fingers and hold her head in place.

Our tongues tangle and she wiggles her sexy little body against me. Her
nipples brush back and forth on my chest making my cock hard as nails. My
hands release her hair and trail down to cup her round ass. I scoop her up
as if she weighs no more than a feather. She wraps her legs around my hips
and rubs her pussy against my cock. Two steps bring me to the kitchen
counter where I set her down. Our mouths never lose contact. We’ve both
been fighting this attraction since day one. We kiss as if we’re starved
for each other. This moment was inevitable.

Her hands slip under my t-shirt, her fingers tease my skin along the
waistband of my jeans. Fuck. I want her so bad. I want to strip us both of
all our clothes and impale her on my cock. I want to fuck her harder than
Jude or anyone else ever has. Instead, I catch her hands in mine, pulling
them behind her back. “Lean back on your palms,” I tell her, guiding them
to the counter. She listens and it makes me want her even more. The
position she’s in has her chest thrusting forward. Slowly, I lift her shirt
and then undo her bra. Her naked tits are the hottest I’ve ever seen. The
tips hard and begging for my mouth to close around them. My hands cradle
her as my mouth lowers to take one nipple between my lips. She moans and
arches her back more. Moving to the other nipple I suck the hard tip into
my mouth and then let my tongue circle around it. “Yes,” she gasps.

My hand moves to her stomach, sliding down to toy with the button on her
pants. Glancing down at her, our eyes lock and I can see she wants this as
bad as I do.

“Please,” she whispers. My fingers undo the button and as my thumb and
index finger grip the tab on her zipper a knock on the front door has me
freezing in place.

“Don’t stop, Brock,” she begs, but the interruption has the effect of an
ice bucket dumped over my head.

I shake my head. “This never should have happened.” Turning away, I leave
her seated on the counter and head to the front door. Opening it I find
Jude standing there.

“Hi, is Ivy here?”

I cross my arms over my chest and shake my head. Just what I fucking need.
This dude sniffing around her again. “Yeah, come in.” I gesture for him to
enter. “I’ll grab her for you.”

I move back toward the kitchen my pace quick. I find Ivy still sitting on
the counter, but her clothes are back in place. “Jude’s here,” I say.

She smiles. “He is?” she questions her face lighting up at the thought of
spending time with him. I scowl. She scoots forward and lowers herself to
the floor in a rush to get to him..

“Ivy,” I call her name. She glances up at me. “Don’t let him put his hands
on you.”

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Remy Blake is a best selling male and female author duo who paired up
because two dirty minds are better than one. Bringing readers steamy, short
reads, with insta lust/love and a HEA.


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Remy Blake’s Room of Raunch

Remy Blake

What do you do when your oldest friend passes away and asks you to be the guardian of the child you never knew he had? For Brock Marshall regret of not being a good friend has him accepting the responsibility. But the little girl he expected comes in a form of a forbidden young woman with a body that drives him crazy.


Guardian by Remy Blake is an over the top, naughty, sexy and steamy read. But sometimes that is just what we need as a reader. I loved it. It was insta-attraction with a bit of the forbidden. Ivy Colt is no little girl. She is almost nineteen and has no choice but to stay with Brock to inherit the money left by her father. Brock is all man. Hot, determined and a complete alpha.


The attraction between them is instant, hot and tension filled. But Ivy has plans and dreams. She is young and has her life ahead of her. Brock wants Ivy more than his next breath, but does not want to stand in her way. They agree to keep it light so she could follow her dreams. But what do you do when the attraction is more than you could fight?  


This was a fun, quick read. The chemistry was insane and over the top, but I devoured every road. Sometimes a book like this is just what you need. Definitely worth the read and I look forward for more of the same from this author duo.

~ Liz


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