Heph by LB Dunbar writting as Elda Lore



Series: Modern Descendants 
Author: L.B. Dunbar writing as Elda Lore
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Phyre has a haunting past. The girl without a last name and fire in her hands burns with a history of destruction to save herself. Solace is finally found in the cozy comfort of Hestia’s Home, a place for women who need hiding. Just like her five surrogate sisters-in-solitude, Phyre yearns to extinguish memories and rekindle her spirit. Her plan blazes forward until he arrives. 
Hephaestus Cronus considers himself an ugly man. A near-death accident left him disabled but not without heart. His gratitude lies with the protection of his foster mother, Hestia. Running from a failed relationship, Heph only desires the familiar fires of the hearth at her home. Burned from the heartache, Heph never expected to spark a new flame in the rose-bud-cherry-haired girl missing a name. 
This modern tale of Hephaestus, the metal working god, rights the wrong of a crippled man failed at love. Here the flaming passion he deserved as an under-recognized god is written in a new fashion with the fiery spirit of a woman who ignites true love between these twin flames.

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A writer of mythical worlds in modern times, I’m the alter ego of contemporary romance author, L.B. Dunbar. Learn more about me at: www.facebook.com/eldaloreauthor


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LB Dunbar writting as Elda Lore

This story was beautiful in every way!

I Loved Heph!! Even though he is physically challenged, it never stops him! He sets his own course and raises to every challenge. He doesn't want the life his father planned for him. I felt that Heph was a bit of a rebel! I think that he saw a like spirit in Phyre. He never expected the little firecracker to give him the challenge of a lifetime!

Phyre had secrets and a killer past! As if that wasn't enough! Heph had two other women waiting in the wings! Which one would he choose? Would he bow to his father's wishes,or follow his heart? I hoped that Love would win out!

This is the third book in the Modern Descendants Series. At one point it had me in tears!! I Loved the characters! The author drew me into this modern day story and left me breathless at the end!

~ Wendy


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