Like a Boss by Liz Matis

Title: Like a Boss
Series: Double Trouble Duet #1
Authors: Liz Matis
Genre: Contemporary Romance
 Release Date: October 17, 2017
War veteran Dawson Trudeau never expected his estranged
identical twin to walk into his bar in Alaska, let alone offer him twenty
million dollars to pose as the CEO of King Enterprises while he secretly heads
to rehab for thirty days. With dreams of starting a homeless shelter for
veterans and locating his retired service dog from Afghanistan, Dawson can’t
say no. Then he meets his brother’s sexy assistant and he hopes she can’t say
no—some overtime between the sheets. 
Lacey Brooks isn’t attracted to her metro-sexual boss, but
his rough and ready identical twin is just her type. When lust turns into love,
she fears she is betraying the CEO. If she can navigate the family feud to
ensure a spot-on impersonation by Dawson, she’ll finally be promoted to
If they can pull off the masquerade, everyone wins. But once
the thirty days is over will victory matter if they don’t have each




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Lacey Brooks schooled her features to hide her shock. The beast behind the bar couldn’t be Aaron’s twin brother.
Shaggy. Unkempt. Rough.
She’d been expecting her boss’ mirror image, not someone who crawled out of the Alaskan bush.
But as she drew closer she could see there was more than a resemblance underneath the beard and past-the-shoulder length mane.
Never trust a man with longer hair than you.
Never trust a man period.
Keeping his brother a secret from the world was one thing but how had Aaron managed to keep it from her?
She knew everything about the CEO of King Enterprises. Everything.
Lacey wasn’t just his assistant, she was his confidant, his therapist, his sometime tennis partner, and his friend. But if he kept this secret, what else was he hiding? Like the reason for the cloak and dagger maneuvers, which he’d dismissed as unimportant.
Was it a family feud? A scandal?
Or was Dawson dangerous? A criminal? He certainly looked like it. His icy blue gaze roamed her body as if he owned it, reminding her of Aaron right before he was about to close a deal—a predator. Not a like shark, for they attack on instinct. This was more like a wolf, toying with his prey before sinking his teeth into the neck of its dinner.
“Lacey, I’d like you to meet my long lost brother, Dawson.”
“I look forward to working with you, darling.”
Darling? Ugh.

That twangy accent? Double ugh.

The physical makeover would be the easy part. Taming the he-man into a sophisticated owner of a billion dollar corporation in a day would be impossible.

Author Bio
Liz Matis is a mild-mannered accountant by day and writer of fun, flirty, fiery romances by night.

Playing For Keeps, from her popular fantasy football romances, hit the #12 spot on the Barnes and Noble Nook Bestseller List and #26 on Amazon’s Kindle Bestseller. She has appeared on Amazon’s Movers and Shakers list. Playing For Keeps (winner of the NECRWA First Kiss Contest), Going For It, and The Quarterback Sneak all hit the #1 spot in Sports Fiction on Amazon.

In her spare time she enjoys reading, watching sports, and attending kickboxing classes. She’s been married for 31 years and believes in happily ever after.

Fun Fact: Liz read her first romance at the age of fifteen and soon after wrote her first romances starring her friends and their latest crush!

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Like a Boss
Liz Matis

Like A Boss, the first book in the Double Trouble Duet, by Liz Matis was my first read by this author and one I enjoyed.  I loved the premise of this book. Identical brothers separated at birth who only see each other periodically throughout their lives.  


Dawson Trudeau never expected his brother to come asking for his help, but when he did, he sees this as an opportunity to help other vets as he has always dreamed. So, Dawson finds himself impersonating his twin to run his million dollars business as CEO of King Enterprises while his brother goes to rehab. Can he do this?


Lacey Brooks works for Aaron, Dawson’s brother, and hopes in helping Dawson impersonate her boss, she will finally get the promotion she has been wanting. Though she has never been attracted to her boss, his twin is a different story. But where do her loyalties lie?


Though Dawson is not sure he can actually do this, with the help of Lacey he finds his way. When they meet they are both instantly attracted to each other. But commitment and loyalties have them on different sides. Can they find a way to be together?


Like a Boss by Liz Matis was a good and quick read. The story moves quickly, the attraction is strong and we get a few twists. Dawson and Lacey have chemistry and great banter. I am excited for Aaron’s book, the second book in this duet, to see how it all ends.


~ Liz

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