Let Her Go by Briana Pacheco

Title: Let Her Go
Author: Briana Pacheco
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Release Date: October 31, 2017
Zoë Whitmore is in love with her best friend, but haunting
memories and a guilty conscious have been holding her back from letting her be
with him.
Owen Stevenson is unknowingly paying for the sins of his father. He doesn’t
understand why Zoë can’t look at him for more than a few seconds or why his
touch is unsettling at times. All he’s ever wanted was to love her, to protect
her, and to be hers, but it’s not so easy.

She pushes, he pulls.
She hurts, he loves.

Both are holding onto ghosts of their pasts and in order for them to peruse a
relationship they’ll have to let them go.

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Author Bio
Briana Pacheco is the author of New Adult novels (DON’T LET
dreamer, a tattoo lover, easily swooned by accents, and a little bit of an
extrovert but a whole lot of introvert. When she’s not reading, writing or
people watching, she can be found listening to music, perfecting resting bitch
face, or at Dunkin’ Donuts.
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Let Her Go
Briana Pacheco

Let Her Go by Briana Pacheco was such an emotional story. A friends-to-lovers romance that was at times dark and heartbreaking and at others so sweet. Two people who are meant to be together, but a huge divide stands between them.


Zoe Whitmore is haunted, hurt and afraid to let go. She loves her best friend, but is not able to show him how much he means to her. She hides from him to spare him. Owen was amazing. Though he did not understand why Zoe pushed him away constantly, he was always so patient and caring with her. His love always showed through, no matter what.


Owen and Zoe love each other, but somethings stand in their way. Zoe is full of grief and guilt and it holds her back from Owen. All Owen wants is to be hers and her his. He loves her and wants to be there for her. But she continuously pulls back. Can they find a way to let go of the past and move forward or is the divide to huge to gap?


This story was so heartbreaking. Owen and Zoe were meant for each other, but so much stood in the way. More than Owen ever knows or is prepared for. Throughout the story we see the strength and love they shared.  We watched them grow and heal each other. Let Her Go was an emotional story of true love and healing.


~ Liz

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