Timber by Remy Blake


Title: Timber
Author: Remy Blake
Genre: Romantic Comedy
 Release Date: December 15, 2017
All I wanted was some no-strings attached sex, where small talk wasn’t necessary. There’d be no reminders of laundry that needed to be done and my endless list of responsibilities could be forgotten.

Signing up for the Timber dating app was my answer. No wining or dining; just sex. Those were my rules. I never imagined I’d meet champion lumberjack Magnus Andersen, or that he’d be interested in me.
We’re from two different worlds. He lives a life of luxury, while I’m barely making ends meet. He’s prime rib and I’m mac and cheese.
But the more I get to know him the less those differences seem to matter. He thinks this could work and I just might be crazy enough to believe him.

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Author Bio
Remy Blake is the bestselling male and female author duo,
Jacob Chance and Marley Valentine, who paired up to have some fun writing
steamy, short reads, with insta love/lust and a guaranteed HEA.

You can expect double the debauchery in every novella they
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Remy Blake

I am enjoying the quick, easy and very steamy reads from the writing duo that is Remy Blake. Though Timber is a standalone and you do not need to read any of their other books, this tells the story of Lucy, Avery’s sister from Clipped. Here we get a slow-burn romance about two reluctant people who were previously hurt deeply.


Lucy’s number one priority has always been her son and family. Though she did not plan on being a mom so young, she never looked back, even when her boyfriend walked away from them both. Since then, she has stayed away from men, but lately she has been feeling lonely. With her sister’s encouragement, she signs up for Timber, but she is determined to only have no strings attached sex. The last thing she needs is more complications in her life.


Magnus Andersen feels like he is being pulled in so many directions. As a model, lumberjack champion and spokesman he is living a life of luxury. However, sometimes appearances can be deceiving. Magnus is really an easy-going, everyday type of guy with his own issues The only reason he is on Timber is as a spokesman, however, that is how he finds the woman he cannot seem to get out of his head.


I loved Magnus and Lucy. Complete opposites from the outside, he is living the life while she struggles week-to-week, they are really both very similar where it matters. Both were heartbroken by their exes and are finding it hard to move forward. But when they “meet” via Timber, they begin an easy banter. But are they ready to take it to the next level?


Though Magnus was hurt deeply by his ex, something about Lucy pulls him to her. He is willing to see where things could lead between him, however, Lucy only wants a no-strings sexual relationship. But the more time they spend together, the deeper Magnus weaves into her heart. What I loved about both is how real and relatable they were. Neither was perfect, but together they had something special.


Timber was a sweet and charming slow-burn romance that will pull you in from start to finish. I loved the characters (and visiting old favorites) and the story. Another great read from Remy Blake.


~ Liz


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