BEDFELLOWS by Lola Leighton



I wasn’t looking to fall for one man. Let alone two…

Sullivan and Will are as close as two friends can be. Growing up in the system forced them to rely on each other, and they’ve become accustomed to sharing everything—including women.

Now they’re ready for more. To find love. To start a family. To see the dreams they’ve shared since childhood come true.

Apparently I tick off every box on their list—brains, beauty, and sass. I never hesitate to put both men in their places—which they find sexy as hell.

One problem, I’m a traditional girl, with traditional values—one man, one woman, till death do us part—kind of values.

They’re willing to work to prove how very right the three of us could be, but what happens next is anyone’s guess…



Tonight has been great, Sullivan. It’s just, when I think about adding Will into the equation, I get …”


She shook her head. “Butterflies.”

“Butterflies are good, right?”

“I think so.” Her voice was barely above a whisper. I leaned in closer, captivated by her. Everything about her drew me in—from the swell of her full lips, to her uncertainty about this, and especially her willingness to try.

“He’s not here now. Put the butterflies away.”

“Okay.” She smiled.

I leaned in closer. “I’ve wanted to kiss you all night.”

She wet her lower lip with the tip of her tongue and it was all the answer I needed. She wanted this, too. Wanted me.

My heart pumped faster with that secret knowledge.

Tilting her chin so that her lips met mine, I took her mouth. Gently at first, and then with a growing sense of hunger as her warm, wet tongue came out to meet mine.

She tasted incredible. Slightly sweet from the wine, and feminine and simply perfect.

Lola Leighton is the pseudonym for a New York Times bestselling romance author who wanted to write steamier stories that her mother is most definitely not allowed to read.


Lola Leighton

Lola Leighton is the pseudonym of a NYT bestselling author who took a chance and wrote outside of her comfort zone and gave us a hot and steamy romance with all the feels. A MFM romance about finding true love outside of standard conventions.


Sullivan and Will have been best friends since they were children in the same foster home. Because they did not have any other family, they formed a bond as strong as one. They have always shared everything and as adults, they realized they wanted a shared home with one woman. They are ready to start a family but need to find the right woman.


Adrienne’s life is starting to come together. She has a successful business that is thriving, but when a mishap at her work/living space happens she thinks her day could not get any worse. Then her day does get worse when she hits Sullivan’s car. She is intrigued with Sullivan and Will, but even so, she has always been a traditional girl. She just does not see herself in an unconventional home. Especially when she knows her parents will never accept that lifestyle.


But the more time Adrienne spends with the men, the more she is drawn in. It is not just being with two sexy and handsome men who treat her like a queen, but also how much they care for her. Before she knows it, she is falling for both of them and can see a future with them. But can she face the criticism and judgement that will come with being with two men?


Bedfellows by Lola Leighton was a sexy and steamy MFM story, but it was also so much more. Adrienne, Will and Sullivan are looking for a future together and are building a home together. It was also sweet and charming and had me devouring the story!




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