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Get ready for an epic new adult romance series!
Truth or Dare by Sara Wylde is available now!

“Smart and sexy NA contemporary—like the Goblin King if he starred in a modern day Cruel Intentions. I loved this story!” – USAT Bestselling Author, Virginia Nelson

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When the Bane of My Existence™ asks me what I’m looking for in a man and offers to help me get him, I’m pretty sure I’ve died and gone to hell. But the idea of Barclay Scott in my clutches is too delicious to resist and just like every horror movie ever made, I get into the car with Prince Smarming and let him take me to a house party in the woods where all kinds of fun and games are to be had just off the path. Even silly kissing games like Truth or Dare, where the consequences of the truth are worse than any dare. Truth: I’ve realized it’s not Barclay Scott I want.


Cinder Girl has gotten under my skin, and I’m a Dane. I can’t have feelings. Can’t show weakness. The solution is to get her out of my head and set her up with my bastard brother. He’s exactly what she said she wanted. Only the weekend goes horribly wrong because I can’t stop playing the game, and the truth is, no matter what I want, she’s a vulnerability I can’t afford. Dare: Don’t fall in love.


About the Author:

Sara Wylde is the crackfic! contemporary pen name for PNR/UF author Saranna DeWylde. She rather imagines that all the pen names live in the same dorm in her head and frequently have discussions that look and sound something like an episode of Herman’s Head.

Connect with Sara:


Truth or Dare  by Sara Wylde

Truth or Dare by Sara Wylde is the first book in the new Fast Times at Ridgemont Hall series. This was an interesting read. The first half was a bit slower, but I think it was setting up the series and characters, but as I got more into story, the more it hooked me. 

Asher became known as Cinder Girl after her father ran off with another woman and all their money. But she was strong and determined. She was working hard to achieve all on her goals on her own. She was going to show them all who she was and what she was worth. Dane had driven Asher crazy for years, and not in a good way, for as long as she has known him. He is despicable and rude, the question is why? 

So how Asher ended up taking a deal to have Dane help her land the man of her dreams, his bastard brother, she has no idea. Here is where the story really starts getting interesting in this enemies-to-lovers romance. You see Dane wants to set her up so she can stop taking space in his brain and dare he say, his heart. Asher wants nothing to do with Dane, right? She is staying far away from his sexy smirk and beautiful body. 

And so, this story takes you on a journey of two people who hate each other, or so they think. Can they find a way to be honest with each other or will they walk away without ever knowing what they can have? Truth or Dare was a sexy read with a bit of angst. I am excited to read more from this author and series. 

~ Liz


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