Just Exes by Charity Ferrell



Title: Just Exes
Series: Blue Beech #3
Author: Charity Ferrell
Genre: New Adult Romance
 Release Date: August 30, 2018


Running into an ex you haven’t seen in nearly a decade is never a good
Running into your ex while he’s arresting you is humiliating. 
The handcuffs close around my fists at the same time he promises to
hate me until he takes his last breath.
I can’t blame him. He pleaded for me not to walk away.  He doesn’t know leaving him broke my heart as
much as it did his. 
It wasn’t for me. Rather, it was for someone else. 
I skipped town after Hurricane Lauren obliterated my heart. 
Coming home was a hard choice to make. Arresting her isn’t. 
She has no idea of the demons I carry with me now. No idea that I’m a
new man.
Two women ruined me. 
One I gave my heart to. 
The other punished me for it.


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Author Bio
Charity Ferrell resides in Indianapolis, Indiana. She grew
up riding her bicycle to her library and reading anything she could get her
hands on. Angst is her happy place, and she loves writing about flawed people
finding love. She loves the basics—books, shoes, and online shopping.
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Just Exes by Charity Ferrell

So, when I read the blurb for Just Exes by Charity Ferrell, I knew I wanted to read it! Exes with so much history there is now hate, sign me right up. I love stories full of angst and this one was full of it! Who does not love a second chance romance with all the feels! 

High school sweethearts Lauren and Gage shared young love and thought they had it all figured out. Until Lauren broke Gage’s heart and he left town. Now ten years later he is back and arresting Lauren. Talk about embarrassing. But what drew them apart and what happens when old feelings return? 

I loved Lauren. She never wanted to hurt Gage. She was strong, loyal and smart. Gage left with a broken heart and came back a very different man. He has been through so much and is a changed man. From the start we felt their chemistry, even as they tried to deny it. There were secrets, lies, and broken hearts. Can time heal those kinds of wounds? 

With so many secrets between them, could they really have a second chance or was it already too late? But every time they interacted, they were drawn to each other even more. I enjoyed reading Just Exes by Charity Ferrell. It was an emotional and sweet second chance romance.

~ Liz


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