Forty Candles by A.M. Willard


Release Date: October 3, 2018

Cover Design: Annelle Willard

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I’ve always done what was expected of me. I married the man that my family thought I was supposed to. I turned a blind eye when his after work activities weren’t really for work. What I couldn’t look past anymore was how lonely I’d become.

All it took was one night to change my life.

I filed for a separation.
I moved my teenage daughter and me in with my parents.
Did I mention that my room should be placed in an 80’s museum? Yes, it’s not changed in decades.

Then my life changed again right before my 40th birthday.

Just when I thought things were going to get back to normal, in walks Lenny Ward. He’s the man your parents warn you about. You know the type… A body like a God, smart, oh and the sex… It’s like a 10.0 earthquake off the charts type of connection.
Even though we have chemistry, I have to protect not only my heart but my daughters.


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About the Author

Bestselling Author, A.M. Willard resides in Savannah, Georgia. She joined the Peach State many years ago after leaving the crystal blue waters and sugary white sand behind from the Panhandle of Florida. She’s also known for being a wife, mother, and caretaker for her farm animals. A.M. loves anything sassy, glittery, and is a sucker for the Hallmark Channel. That last one might be the reason she believes in soulmates or it could be because she married her high school sweetheart for twenty years ago.

After releasing her first novella series back in 2014, A.M. set out on a new goal to bring her readers a broad range of romantic stories from her desk. This includes Romantic Comedy, Contemporary Romance, and from time to time some Sexy Romance.

A.M. is an active member of RWA (Romance Writers of America).

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Forty Candles
A.M. Willard

Forty Candles by A.M. Willard was funny and charming, and I truly loved reading it. Imagine thinking you are making what seemed as all the right choices in your life and yet suddenly find yourself back with you parents with your daughter in tow just shy of forty. In a room that has not changed since you were a teenager. Not exactly where you want to be in life.

I absolutely loved Jules. She was strong even with all the adversity she was facing. Her soon to be ex was such a jerk and more trouble than he was worth. Throw in a teenage daughter and the fun times are just starting. Lenny Ward was completely unexpected and not totally wanted. But he was charming, and persistent and sexy and you could not help but like him.

I am finding myself enjoying stories where the couple may be older and have more life experience. Life is never easy, but when an author ties it all nicely in a romantic and funny story, all the better. I laughed and swooned and cursed throughout the entire story. It was just such a fun read and one I could recommend.

~ Liz


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