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Author: R.G. Corr

Genre: Romantic Suspense


A perfect marriage? A beautiful home? Things are not always as they seem.

To everyone they knew, Ginny’s life with Blake Daniels was perfect. When Blake’s job takes them away from home and the friends Ginny has known since childhood, things start to change. On their own, in an isolated house, the man who held Ginny up through her mother’s passing is no longer the kind, supportive man she thought she’d married. In his place now resides a cruel beast whose only desire is to control her. Ginny’s life as she knows it, becomes indelibly marked with every bruise he leaves on her, and every callous word he sends her way.

When the unthinkable happens, Ginny is forced to find the strength she needs to leave and rebuild her life without Blake. Yet nothing could have prepared her for what was still to come. Ginny believed the nightmare was over, but it was only just beginning. Her husband is back, and there’s only one reason he’s here.

For her.

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About the Author:

R.G. Corr is a mum of three who has had an overactive imagination for many years. A discussion with a friend at a soft play area, amidst the noise and mayhem of toddlers, finally convinced her to put pen to paper and create her first novel.

R.G. lives in Nottinghamshire, England and although Sherwood Forest is just down the road, she prefers the sight and sounds of Holywell Bay in Cornwall to provide the inspiration she desires. It has become one of her most loved places.

When R.G. is not working or writing, you’ll find her nose deep in her kindle swooning over her latest book boyfriend.

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Finding My Fight
R.G. Corr

I am so glad I found my way to Finding My Fight by R.G. Corr. This book had me riveted. I ignored all life around me as I read devoured every word. It was at times a very dark, troubling and heartbreaking story, but one I am so glad I was able to experience. I will say, my heart broke repeatedly.

Ginny Daniels found herself married to a handsome man she thought was perfect. On the outside it looked like she was in a perfect marriage with her husband, Blake Daniels. But looks can be so deceiving. Soon after she discovered the ugliness hidden behind her marriage and the man she married.

When she finds the courage to leave, will Ginny be able to move forward and not live in fear? There is so much I want to share, but this is really a story that must be experienced. Be warned, this is not an easy journey and may be triggering for some, but it was a powerful story.

When I finished Finding My Fight by R.G. Corr, I breathed a sigh of relief. This story consumed me, even while it wrecked me. The characters were honest, real and raw. This story touched me in so many different ways. This was my first read by this author, but definitely not my last.

~ Liz


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