Micaden’s Madness by V.F. Mason



Title: Micaden’s Madness
Author: V.F. Mason
Genre: Dark Romance
Release Date: January 8, 2019
If madness has a name…it’s hers. 
She is an artist seeking solace. 
He is a serial killer seeking vengeance.
She doesn’t remember.
He remembers it all. 
She is broken.
He is obsessed. 
She wants truth.
He wants revenge. 
One of them is guilty.
One of them is innocent. 
Both of them want to win.
And for that one of them has to die. 


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Author Bio
V.F. Mason always loved reading books and had quite a few
fights with her momma over the genre she liked (romance, duh!) She studied
filmmaking and thought that would feed her desire for stories, but that didn’t
happen. Finally, when she was tired of all those voices in her head, she sat
down and wrote a book. It was a huge decision to make and she thanks her
friends and family for supporting her in it. When she is not writing, she can
be found with her friends doing all sorts of crazy things or reading recent
romance books that were written by her favorite authors.


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Micaden's Madness
V.F. Mason

4.5 stars

V.F. Mason is an amazing dark romance writer and when I know she has a release coming in the genre, I am all over it! And I am never disappointed! Micaden’s Madness consumed me right from the start! I devoured this story. Could not put it down until I finished it.

This story was so tragic and heartbreaking. Micaden and Emerald broke my heart from the start. Both had endured and suffered so much. This is a story you need to experience with no spoilers. This author makes you feel at every turn. We are taken on a journey told in dual point of views going from past to present and will captivate you and grip you to the very end.

Micaden’s Madness was dark, emotional and engaging. I loved every minute of reading it, even as I cringed. I want to share to much, but with all the twists and turns, anything shared could be a spoiler. All I can say is I loved it and highly recommend it if you love dark romances!

~ Liz


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