Mr. January by Nicole S. Goodin


Title: Mr. January
Series: Calendar Boys #1
Author: Nicole S. Goodin
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: January 10, 2019


From international
bestselling author Nicole S. Goodin, comes a new standalone, second chance romance.
Andrew Woodman.
Andy to his friends.
Criminal in the eyes
of the justice system.
… And now a free
Dylan Davies.
Fiery redhead.
Hater of bad-boys.
… And still his
Three years ago,
Andy took a ride in the back of a police car and out of Dylan’s life.
Now he’s fresh out
of prison with only one goal in mind – win back the woman who wants nothing to
do with him.
Dylan wants to get
over her convict ex-husband, but all she can think about doing is getting under
Andy wants to share
his truths.
Dylan wants to keep
her secrets.
Will the raw, sexy
attraction that reeled Dylan in all those years ago have the same charm now? Or
will Andy find himself riding his bike into the sunset alone?

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Author Bio
GOODIN is a romance author and mother of two from Taranaki in the North Island
of New Zealand.
mid-2015, she started to write about a group of characters who wouldn’t get out
of her head. Her first book, Rushed, was published in mid-2016.
enjoys long walks on the beach, pillow fights and braiding her friends’ hair.
She dislikes clichés, talking about herself in the third person, and people who
don’t understand her sense of humour.
Please feel
free to contact her either via her website, email, Instagram, Twitter or on her
Facebook page, she would love to hear your feedback. If you’re feeling really
game, you can even sign up for her newsletter.
Visit for
more information.
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Mr. January
Nicole S. Goodin

Mr. January by Nicole S. Goodin is the first book in a new series, Calendar Boys, and is a second chance romance. Andrew Woodman loves his wife, Dylan Davies. He is just out of prison and determined to win her back. Even if she wants to have nothing to do with him. She wants to divorce him and move on. But can she deny the chemistry that is still there?

Drew wants Dylan to give him a chance to win her back. Reluctantly, she agrees to give him seven days to win her back. As they begin their second chance, Drew really steps up to win her back. He was so determined, and you could not help but love him for it. Dylan was feisty and strong and thought she wanted to move on.

Mr. January by Nicole S. Goodin was a sweet second chance romance with all the feels. I love their interactions and their connection. This was fun read that captivated from start to end. I cannot wait to see what else we get from this series!

~ Liz


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