Mr. February by Nicole S. Goodin


Mr. February is LIVE!


From international bestselling author Nicole S. Goodin, comes a new standalone, one night stand romance.

Jackson Matthews.

Hot-shot bar owner.

Real life Ken doll.

… And broken hearted man.

Katie North.

Independent woman.

Smart mouthed.

… And falling for an unavailable guy.

Jackson never thought he’d see the mystery woman from his one night stand again, but when their paths cross for a second time, neither one knows what to do about their growing attraction.

Jackson is still caught up in the woman who broke his heart.

Katie isn’t interested in no strings attached, but she can’t seem to get Jackson out of her mind.

Jackson wants a friend with benefits.

Katie needs him to keep it in his pants.

Will Katie give in to temptation and find herself back between his sheets? Or will Jackson find a way to move on from the hurt in his past and give her something real?









Mr. February
Nicole S. Goodin

4.5 stars

I am enjoying the Calendar Boys series by Nicole S. Goodin. In Mr. February, the second book in the series, we get a story about a one-night that could just maybe be more. Jackson Matthews is heartbroken and definitely staying away from relationships. Katie North wanted to help Jackson the night they met and never imagined seeing him again.

When they do see each other again, they can’t ignore their chemistry, but Jackson does not want more than a friend with benefits relationship, but can Katie accept that when he is still dealing with the fallout of his last relationship. I loved Katie, she was strong, smart and fun. Jackson was sexy and determined, if a bit muddled. I loved them together so much. They had such witty banter and a great connection.

Mr. February by Nicole Goodin is a quick read that will captivate you from the start. I loved the characters and their story so much. This was such a charming story and one I highly recommend.

~ Liz


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