Scoring the Keeper’s Sister by Delancey Stewart


Title: Scoring the Keeper’s Sister
Series: Mr. Match #1
Author: Delancey Stewart
Genre: Sexy Sport Romantic Comedy
Release Date: February 14, 2019
Signing up for a matchmaking
service was not my idea. But when Andrew the hand model dumped me, my brother
suggested I try Mr. Match. And I figured it couldn’t hurt–as it was, I’d never
get away from meathead moron soccer players (since my brother plays keeper for
the South Bay Sharks and I manage PR for the team.) 
But Mr. Match is a
moron too because he matched me with a guy I see at work every day. A guy who
has a different girl on his arm at every turn. And a soccer player. Fernando
Fuerte, the “Fuerte Fire,” is one guy I can assure you is NOT my match. 
Getting girls is
not a problem. Getting girls who care about something besides my status as the
South Bay Sharks star striker, my salary, and my social status? Yeah. That’s
the problem. So when my buddy Max tells me he’s actually Mr. Match–the secret
proprietor of San Diego’s hottest matchmaking app, I let him convince me to try
And Erica Johnson
is not actually a bad match–only she doesn’t seem to agree. And then there’s
the small matter of her being in the middle of trying to save the team (and me)
when the owner’s ex brings to light some, ahem, unsavory accusations about me…
and then there’s her enormous and disapproving twin brother…and there’s
something about cheese, too. 
But if I have my
way? Erica will definitely be my match. 
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Author Bio
Delancey Stewart is an award-winning author who writes romantic fiction
with humor and heart.

Stewart has lived on both coasts, in big cities and small towns. She’s been a
pharmaceutical rep, a personal trainer and a wineseller.

A wife and the mother of two small boys, her current job titles include pirate
captain, monster hunter, Lego assembler and story reader. She tackles all these
efforts at her current home outside Washington D.C.


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Scoring the Keeper's Sister
Delancey Stewart

This is one book I did not see coming. Scoring The Keeper's Sister was ' THAT ' ROM-COM that keeps on giving. To be honest this is the first I have read by this author, and I can point blank tell you, it most definitely will not be the last. I did not expect to fall for Erica and Fernando as characters, but Stewart had a way of letting both characters develop into these amazing people with amazing personalities. I thought the story-line was unique, and I really enjoyed viewing not only their views, but others' as well. Scoring The Keeper's Sister was a light read, with a plot perfect that fit both Erica and Fernando. This enemies to lovers / brother's friend, had the perfect amount of heat, with loads of hilarity.

Erica is smart, and sassy with a personality that is out of this world. She has a twin brother that is pretty much her best friend that plays soccer for the South Bay Sharks. Being super close, she chose to stay uber close to him, and become the PR Rep for the same team. Her one rule in life is to not date any player, weather it be an athletic or just a normal Joe with a 9 to 5. She don't want anything that involves the lime light, and prefers the simplicity of life.

Fernando is the South Bay Sharks star striker. He is every woman's fantasy, look wise. He is known as a womanizer, with plenty of ladies to choose from, but secretly wants what money can't buy, which is someone that is for him and not his status nor his money. He is absolutely hilarious, without even trying to be. He is sweet, and caring and so darn amazing. He is a momma's boy down to his core, and it shows with how sensual he is.

When Mr. Match identifies Erica and Fernando as the perfect match, both are in 100 % denial. The more they see of each other, intentional or not, the more the chemistry burns. But what happens when accusations are made, and a twin brother is against it, is their attraction enough or is life in the spotlight too much for Erica?

* Can be Read as a standalone. But I assume will be an interconnected standalone.

* I recommend this book.

*Reviewed For Reviews From The Heart

~ Ashley


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