WINE & DINE by L.B. Dunbar


Dolores Chance.
When I was falling apart, I fell in love.
It wasn’t supposed to happen like this.
I ran away from life and ended up running into…his dog.
Actually, his dog ran into me. I don’t care for dogs.
Then I met the owner.
Garrett Fox.
When my neighbor’s sister came to visit,
I promised to show her around town.
I’m an investor in things, not people, not emotions.
I’m not a fan of love. I’ve been burned before.
Then I met Dolores.
When a sexy mature, man-of-means encounters a silver vixen,
healing her broken heart might be worth more than gold.
Romance has no age limit.





L.B. Dunbar has been
accused of having an over-active imagination. To her benefit, this imagination
has created over twenty novels, including a small-town world (Sensations
Collection), rock star mayhem (Legendary Rock Star series), MMA chaos (Paradise
Stories), rom-com for the over forty (The Sex Education of M.E. and After
Care), and a suspenseful island for redemption (The Island Duet). Her alter
ego, elda lore, creates magical romance through mythological retellings (Modern
Descendants). Her life revolves around a deep love of reading about fairy
tales, medieval knights, regency debauchery, and strong alpha males. She loves
a deep belly laugh, a strong hug, and an occasional margarita. Her other loves
include being mother to four grown children and wife to the one and only.
You can find me on Facebook, where I spend too much time.
L.B. Dunbar

I've followed this author for quite some time but this is the first book of her's that I've read. Her story lines have always intrigued me because they are a little unusual in that they, I think, always tend to lean on the other side of 40. I wish I could say that I enjoyed it more than I did.

From the beginning I really wanted to like Garrett and Delores. She was taking a break from her life and decided to travel to stay at her brother's place where see meets the sexy next door neighbor, Garrett. This is about where things started to go sideways for me. I just never connected with the characters. Nothing they did really made sense to me. I felt like the story was filled with holes and meaningless repetition just to fill the pages. There were times I debated not finishing and definitely put it down mid chapter to read something different.

I may try something from the author again in the future but this one just didn't work for me.

~ Kimberly Anne


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