The Truth About Tomorrow by B. Celeste


Title: The Truth About Tomorrow
Author: B. Celeste
Genre: Taboo Forbidden Romance/Age Gap

Release Date: August 2, 2019


Age is just
a number.
Just like
he’s just a boy and I’m just a girl.
that’s not true, is it?
fifteen may be a number, but it’s bigger than that. Bigger than us.
It’s a
number that separates us.
An excuse
that keeps us apart.
But I’m not
willing to give in until I get what I want.
After all,
how many other girls can bring a grown man to his knees with one little smile?

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“Show me how to play,” I say.
Her body leans back as her brows pinch with a dubious stare.
“You want me to teach you how to play piano?”
I nod. “The song you played. I like it.”
She blinks, brushing her fingers through her hair. “It’s
about learning to love people’s faults and pain for what they are. Beautiful.”
My head cocks. “Why is that?”
She wets her bottom lip. “I guess when you love someone, you
don’t get to choose which parts. You’re getting every single piece of their
being, scarred or not.”
Her eyes trail to her hand, scarred with white and pink
marks. My fingers graze over each one, causing her to suck in a breath and
freeze as I caress the marred flesh. They’re rougher than the rest of her hand,
but part of her nonetheless.
Meeting her eyes, we stay like that for a few long moments.
Neither of us says a thing or moves an inch. We just remain touching, staring,
being there in one another’s company.
Then I pull away. “What are the keys I need to learn for the
She exhales then shows me the basics.
It’s a silent admission between us.
Your scars are beautiful, Charlie. 
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Author Bio
B. Celeste
is the alter ego of Barbara C. Doyle.
Her obsession
with forbidden romance enabled her to pave a path into a new world of love,
sex, sin, and angst.
Her debut
novel is The Truth about Heartbreak.


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The Truth About Tomorrow
B. Celeste

I really don't know what to say about this one other than the fact that I can almost guarantee you are not ready for the emotional rollercoaster this book is going to take you on. I thought for sure I could handle this forbidden romance, but I was so wrong. My heart hurt so much and I may or may not have cried watching Ollie and Charlie struggle with their relationship. Not only is it wrong in society's eyes for these two to even be friends, it is definitely wrong for them to be more. I felt for them and the bond that they shared. They fought hard not to cross lines, but how long can these two really avoid crossing lines.

We first met Ollie and Charlie in The Truth About Heartbreak and I couldn't wait to get my hands on this one. I can promise you won't be disappointed if you pick this one up, just know it is one heck of a ride.

~ Jessica


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