Beautiful, Fragile by Michelle Montebello


Title: Beautiful, Fragile
Author: Michelle Montebello
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: November 25, 2019


hurt each other, my soulmate and me…
Faith James
is found on a remote beach in the south of Spain with a head injury and no
recollection of how she got there. Recovering in hospital, she is desperate to
return to her twenty-five-year-old, single life in Sydney.
But Faith
has lost ten years of memories and her world becomes unrecognisable.
husband, Will, arrives to collect her, and she is told she has three young
children waiting at home in London.
So begins
the emotional journey to reclaim the life she’s forgotten, learn how to be a
wife and mother, and mend a broken marriage. She wants to remember everything…
But are
all memories worth fighting for, even the ones that hurt?


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“I want you
to remember, Faith,” he said softly. “I want you to remember all the good times
and leave out the bad ones.”
“I don’t
think I get to pick and choose.”
“We both
did things we weren’t proud of. Things that I’d be happy for you to forget. But
if it comes back to you, I want you to know that I’m sorry. It was my fault.”
I wanted to
ask him what we’d done, what awful things we’d put each other through. But I
was afraid to know. Maybe, in some ways, my memory loss was a blessing. All the
bad things had been wiped clean while for Will, he had to live with them each
day, had to remember every word, every hurtful action.
I leant in
closer and rested my head on his chest. At first his body stiffened, then he
relaxed, put his arm around me and held me close.
We laid
like that for a time while something skimmed the sky high above us.
“Look a
shooting star,” he said.
International Space Station.”
“Show off.”        
I giggled.
Then he bent his head, put his lips on mine and kissed me.
Author Bio
Montebello was born and raised in Sydney, Australia, where she lives with her
husband and two young children.

She is the bestselling author of The
Quarantine Station
and the Belle Series (Interwoven, A House of Lies
and Beneath the Pepper Tree).

Michelle won the 2018 Best New Author category in the AusRom Today Reader’s
Choice Awards. She was also a finalist for Author of the Year and Interwoven was a finalist for Best Book.

She has a
keen passion for reading, writing and travel.
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Beautiful, Fragile
Michelle Montebello

Beautiful, Fragile by Michelle Montebello was an unexpected read. Tough it could be classified as a romance; it was so much more. It was a story about second chances, love, family and finding your way. Faith and Will have been married for years and have three beautiful children. Everything seems perfect on the outside but looks can be deceiving.

Why does Faith find herself on an Italian beach, injured and with no memories of the last ten years? Those years include falling in love with her husband and the three children they share. Now she is expected to go back to a life she does not remember with a man who does not seem to love her. What drove her to another country and why does she feel so out of place in the life that everyone tells her is hers?

The faith we meet is vulnerable and lost. We see her trying to acclimate to a live she never remembers. Will seems off and also a bit lost. What happened between them? But is this their second chance? But will getting her memory back change things? Beautiful, Fragile by Michelle Montebello was an emotional story that captivated me from start to finish.

~ Liz

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