Wicked Liars by Laura Lee


Title: Wicked Liars
Series: Windsor Academy #1
Author: Laura Lee
Genre: High School Bully Romance
Release Date: April 3, 2020
Every last one of
The kings and
queens of my new high school.
The father and
stepmother I never knew. 
Each has more
wealth and privilege than I could’ve ever imagined.
Each has a pile
of wicked dirty secrets they’d do anything to protect.
These people have
grown accustomed to getting what they want, and what they want is to make my
life a living hell.
Too bad for them,
you can’t break someone who’s already broken.
Too bad for them,
I won’t give up without a fight.
Too bad for them,
I’m going to make them pay…even if
it’s the last thing I do.
*Wicked Liars is
book one of the Windsor Academy series. This is a dark high school bully
romance that may contain triggers for sensitive readers. Due to mature subject
matter, it is recommended for readers 18+ only. 
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Author Bio
passion has always been storytelling. She spent most of her life with her nose
in a book thinking of alternate endings or continuations to the story. She won
her first writing contest at the ripe old age of nine, earning a trip to the
state capital to showcase her manuscript. Thankfully for her, those early works
will never see the light of day again!
Laura lives
in the Pacific Northwest with her wonderful husband, two beautiful children,
and three of the most poorly behaved cats in existence. She likes her fruit
smoothies filled with rum, her cupboards stocked with Cadbury’s chocolate, and
her music turned up loud. When she’s not writing or watching HGTV, she’s
reading anything she can get her hands on. She’s a sucker for spicy romances,
especially those involving vampires, bad boys, or cowboys!
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Wicked Liars
Laura Lee

HOLY SHHH-NIKES!!! Wow, just freaking WOW! I am at a complete loss of words right now. My mind is spinning. I am usually not the one that enjoys a YA book, let alone a bully book, hell go ahead and tack on a mind f*** book to that to, and Wicked Liars is all three and some. My mind is seriously blown right now. Wicked Liars was NOT anything I anticipated. I am seriously still struggling with my thoughts, so bare with me.

I have only ever DNF'D a book one time in my whole life, and at about 36% into Wicked Liars I almost DNF'D this one too, because Holy Batman there was some triggers that I am not usually a fan of. BUT, and that's a BIG but, I pushed through because A. This author's writing is phenomenal and B. The story-line was WAY too intriguing to not finish it. Boy, am I glad I pushed through because Wicked Liars was a roller coaster of a ride that had/has my mind going every which way. There is so many adjectives and references I want to throw out right now, but for goodness sakes going in blind is the way of life for this particular book.

The depth, and the twisted - mystery of Wicked Liars is going to be the death of me. The possibilities of everything is endless. It's like what I thought I knew, I really didn't, and since Laura Lee left me with a cliffhanger of all cliffhangers, I am left with NO FLIPPIN' IDEA of what is to happen. Now that takes some serious skill because I am usually pretty good at the guessing game.

There was so much complexity of all the characters. They take the term from each to their own to a whole new level. Unique and intriguing would be a understatement. I was a huge fan of the heroine. I feel like I maybe understood her more because she was more open, and way less secretive. I am positive there is a reason for that, and that is because Laura Lee likes to play with my emotions, like really play with my emotions, but I have no doubt she will truly make me understand them all in the future books. With that said, GIVE ME THE REST OF THIS SERIES ALREADY LOL.


~ Ashley

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