Wrecked by Jennifer Burrows



Title: Wrecked 
Author: Jennifer Burrows 
Cameron Taylor is young, handsome, obscenely rich, and a rock music God. He is also a train wreck, and has only known privilege his entire life. Unscathed by his lifestyle of partying with a healthy dose of womanizing, his world is about to come crashing down around him when he comes face to face with the woman he thought only existed in his dreams.
Upon discovering she is not merely a figment of his imagination, Cameron can’t shake an unrelenting feeling of fate and destiny stepping into his life. He stops at nothing to discover who the woman from his dream is, and what significance she holds. Focused only on his new obsession, Cameron redirects his energy from the music party scene to the new love of his life, Sarah Thurston.
Unaware this “angel”, is the center of his life being turned upside down, Cameron soon finds himself forced to keep his relationship a secret, and through a bizarre turn of events, winds up arrested. Once on top of the music world, he now finds himself having to choose between his bandmates and woman he hardly knows.
Following several strange and unforeseen turn of events, Cameron finds himself at the precipice of his life. Has he really fallen this far, this fast? And can anything save him, or have his poor choices finally caught up with him?
The answer may lie within a source he never considered before…
Jennifer Burrows released her debut book A Shot in the Dark July, 2013, followed by Into the Light in December of 2013. Most recently she has release the Surrender Trilogy including Surrender, Shattered, and Saved. Jennifer is currently working on her newest project entitled Wrecked with a projected release of Spring 2015.
Jennifer enjoys going to the gym, traveling, snowboarding, scuba diving, hiking, and camping. In her free time, Jennifer is an avid reader who loves to talk about stories with her best friend.
Jennifer currently resides in Southern California with her husband and their three amazing boys, two dogs, too many fish to count, and two desert tortoises.



Jennifer Burrows

All I can say is wow! Paper thins band members are Cam, KC, Andy, and Travis. The "label" is Steve. To think it started with a dream and then you meet the person in your dream. Sarah is the one from the dream.

Being rock stars have their perks. They all seem to take full advantage of them. They even have their bad habits, as well.

I can honestly say I had to put this book down a couple times. I was getting so frustrated with Cam. Then there were times I thought, oh at least he is changing. His band mates are his closest friends. They were there for him when he needed and then when they thought he would pick them. I think it's funny how people push away the people that love them the most at times.

This book had its ups and downs. it also had friendships, love, fake love, enemies, and secret enemies. This had some unexpected plots and a must read.


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