THE MISBEHAVED by Jessica Jayne



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Jessica Jayne
Released May 10th, 2016
Totally Bound


Natalea Jones has had a rough life.
An absentee father. A gambling addicted mother, who seems to show up only when
she needs something—preferably money. Natalea survives her childhood and
teenage years because of her best friend, Drake Harte, and his family. Even
though she’s been in love with Drake for years, she refuses to let her lust
come in the way of their friendship. Life without Drake is not possible and sex
would certainly complicate things.
Drake Harte is not only known as the
most eligible bachelor and firefighter in Gamble Park, Florida, but he’s also
known for sexing the ladies and leaving them. Only he knows the reason he can’t
make a commitment to the women throwing themselves at him—he’s in love with his
best friend. It’s time he either goes for it or moves on.
After Natalea and Drake share a
night of passion, an unexpected event occurs that proves to both of them that
life—and love—are too precious.




Jessica Jayne is a born and raised small-town Ohio girl who moved to the
Sunshine State after graduating from college. She graduated with a bachelor’s
degree in English. What college major could possibly be better than one that
makes you read novels and write about them! Now she is thrilled to be able to
share all the hot stories floating around in her head.
Jessica loves to travel and travel often! She shares her love of
travel with her husband and children. She’s a huge sports fan, especially
football. She loves the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Ohio State Buckeyes! She’s
a wine-making (and wine-tasting) aficionado. She loves all music. And nothing
is better than sunset at the beach!
In the journey of life, she also married a wonderful man and had
three beautiful (and sometimes crazy) children. Life is always an adventure!


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Jessica Jayne

The Misbehaved was my first read by Jessica Jayne. Misbehaved is about Drake and Natalea, two lifelong friends that had feelings for each other, that were far too strong to just be friendship. I really enjoyed both characters, they were both strong and determined. Natalea owned a bar called The Misbehaved, and Drake was a local firefighter.

While the story was entertaining overall, it felt very rushed though. The first half was heavy in steamy scenes and not so much the story. While I still enjoyed this part, I felt that there were holes in the story. When tragedy struck, it seemed to happen and resolve quickly as well. Sometimes a short, fast paced read is just what I need.


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