Make Me Burn by Tiffany Roberts




4 💎💎💎💎

This is a highly entertaining and wonderfully written paranormal romance that I very much enjoyed reading! Paranormal romance has always been my favorite genre and I have a soft spot for these types of stories in general, but this one really blew me away! Morthanion is an ancient and powerful demon who has been banned to the island of the forgotten by the Mage council and boy is he pissed off about this. All of his powers have been stripped from him and he’s been left to rot along with all of the other prisoners out on the island. Fate is about to provide Morthanion with an entirely new outcome however in the form of the sweet and innocent young woman living on the island named Aria. Aria has lived on the island her entire life and it’s all she’s ever known. She’s unfamiliar with demons and doesn’t know quite what to make of Morthanion and his bloody and violent ways. I loved these two together and it was touching to see how he instantly became so enamored with her the very first time he saw her. Aria spends most of their first several introductions running from him and even ends up in a pretty dangerous situation simply because she’s on the run from him. I’ve honestly never read a book quite like this one before and everything about this was a pleasant surprise! This is the first book I’ve had the pleasure of reading by this author and I can say for sure that it definitely won’t be the last!
This story gives all new meaning to the description of bad boy romance and I couldn’t get enough of reading this! Morthanion is a demon who has spent thousands of years bathing in the blood of those he’s killed without any remorse whatsoever. Even the actions that brought him to this prison of an island were a bloodbath of his creation. Aria causes him to see everything about himself and his actions in an entirely new light and I loved this. He also balances her out in a way since he strips away some of her innocence and causes her to become a stronger person as a result. I loved everything about this story and I highly recommend this to anyone to read, especially fans of great paranormal romance stories. I look forward to reading much more from this author in the future.


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