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The Sentinels #3
Alexandra Ivy
Released May 31st, 2016
and cursed by their hidden abilities, the Sentinels have no choice but to live,
and love, on the edge of humanity…
The Sentinel assassin, Bas, is
facing the greatest challenge of his outcast existence. His young daughter,
Molly, has been kidnapped. But her disappearance has brought the return of her
mother, Myst, whom Bas has never forgotten–or forgiven.
Haunted by a vision that she’s
destined to create a weapon that will destroy thousands, Myst was never
impulsive–until she met the irresistibly handsome Bas. But with the
Brotherhood, the enemy of the high-bloods hunting for her, Myst had to stay on
the run, to keep her child, and the world, safe. Now, with the most important
thing in both their lives at stake, she and Bas must embark on a treacherous
journey to save Molly, to confront the truth of Myst’s fate–and to face their
fierce desire for one another.
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graduated from Truman University with a degree in theatre before
deciding she preferred to bring her characters to life on paper rather than
stage. She currently lives in Missouri with her extraordinarily patient husband
and teenage sons. To stay updated on Alexandra’s Guardian series or to chat
with other readers, please visit her website at


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Alexandra Ivy

This is an extremely addictive paranormal romance story full of non-stop action that left me wishing it could go on forever. I am a huge fan of paranormal romance and this author is one of my favorites for a reason. Every single one of her books that I’ve read has always taken me through a range of emotions and left me wanting more and the same holds true for this one! Bas and Myst share quite a bit of history together and share a beautiful daughter named Molly as a result. Myst has been on the run and in hiding for the past few years and has just now resurfaced in order to spend some quality time with their daughter. Bas is a Sentinel assassin and anyone who even thinks of hurting him ends up dead without hesitation. The fact that Myst was able to get under his skin and then left him without a backward glance has left him pissed off and wanting answers. The sexual tension between these two is unbelievable and I loved the fact that their relationship was a bit different than what I typically read about. It’s almost as if they had a false start, or trial run of sorts and now things are about to get real. Molly is absolutely adorable and impossible not to fall in love with right away. Reading about the interactions between her and both of her parents melted my heart and made me want them to be able to be a family together. There’s a bunch of obstacles in the way however that are going to make them have to earn their chance at happiness. This is an incredibly well written story that is full of action and also provides lots of good feels and I highly recommend reading this book and this author to anyone!


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