Filthy Foreign Exchange 2 by S.E. Hall and Angela Graham


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Title: Filthy Foreign Exchange 2
Author: S.E. Hall & Angela Graham
Genre: New Adult

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he conclusion of Echo and Kingston’s story as they backpack through Europe!


When Echo Kelly is invited on a backpacking trip throughout the UK, she jumps at the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, refusing to let one fleeting past exchange stop her.

At least, that’s what she’s convinced herself of, until the moment she sees him again. It’s not the one-time “run-in” she was expecting, and therefore prepared to handle.

Instead, it’s an announcement she never saw coming…he’s the tour guide.

She’s got no backup plan for that.


Kingston knew what it meant the moment Echo accepted the offer. And when he lays eyes on her, standing in his childhood home, her fate is sealed forever. There’s not a damn thing that will stop him from finally claiming what’s always been his.


Not everyone gets a second chance—and Kingston Hawthorne sure as hell isn’t going to let his slip away.


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“Disappointed?” he asks with smug confidence.

“About?” I mutter too quickly…too transparently.

His deep laugh slashes through the air.

“You know exactly what—and we both know the answer is yes.”

The sexual magnetism between us is thick. He grabs me by the hips and pulls me to him, breaking the silence with a hoarse whisper.

“My sentimental, romantic Echo isn’t wearing the look of a woman who just got the kiss she’s always dreamed of—pictured a million times.

Romantic Couple Enjoying Foreplay


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Meet Echo & Kinston

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About The Authors

S.E. Hall


S.E.Hall, lover of all things anticipation and romance, is the author of The Evolve Series: Emerge, Embrace, Entangled, Entice, Endure and companion novellas Baby Mama Drama and Guide for Tools Looking to Date My Daughter by character Sawyer Beckett. S.E. also wrote the stand-alone Finally Found novels Pretty Instinct and Pretty Remedy. Her co-written works include The Provocative Professions Collection: Stirred Up, Packaged and Handled 1&2, One Naughty Night and full-length, standalone novel Matched with Angela Graham as well as Conspire, a romantic suspense, written with Erin Noelle.

S.E. resides in Arkansas with her husband of 18 years and 3 daughters of the home. When not writing or reading, she can be found “enthusiastically cheering” on one of her girls’ softball games.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Instagram | Amazon

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Angela Graham

angela graham bio

Angela Graham is a New York Times & USA Today bestselling author of the Harmony Series. She spent a lot of her childhood hidden away in the aisles at her local public library where she fell in love with reading. It was a home away from home through her youth to her adulthood.

In 2012 she knew she found her calling in the world of fiction the moment she began pounding away at the keys for her first short story. With a baby on her shoulder, she wrote about a year before deciding to try her hand at a novel. It was the best decision she ever made and one that changed her life in ways she never imagined.

Together with S.E. Hall, she has released five novels and one short story together.

Angela resides in Northwest Arkansas with her three beautiful children and a rowdy dog.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Amazon | Instagram

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Filthy Foreign Exchange 2
S.E. Hall and Angela Graham

"Yeah, I pretty much figured that out on my own…and am loving every minute of it"- sums up everything! Loved every minute of it!

I have to be honest. I am an impatient pain in the @ss which is why I generally dislike cliffhangers. Not the stories themselves but the whole waiting for the completion of the tale. This story would not- I repeat would NOT- be as poignant as one complete book. It must be read with a pause or break.

Filthy Foreign Exchange was a great story and the tension was incredible. Filthy Foreign Exchange 2 has the added advantage of the tension from one clearly in your mind. However, 2 is different path. It builds on a past that Echo is trying to block out and Kingston is trying to clear up.

When trust is broken, it's hard to repair. Echo feels lost, angry, and confused. But she isn't the only one feeling...

Kingston is doing everything he. an to make her feel him, them, and what they could be. He just needs her to get out of her head and use her heart.

It will come as no surprise that I freaking loved this book. The ending leaves me hoping for a continuation of the series. But nevertheless, I enjoyed and regained my faith in Kingston. Also in the belief of quick, magical love. The authors (whom I may stalk on Facebook and read with great joy) make it a point to shame the nonbelievers. It's funny how quickly fly we right off things we see with our own eyes.

True love
young love
second chance love

All of which people scoff at, but read about and even see in their lives. It's quite sad actually. So it was my great pleasure to see that the authors reminded us readers of that very thing.

Love is out there, stop doubting and jump with both feet.

You will wear a ridiculous smile the whole book whether you are entertained by Echo's naivete, Nat's sharp wit and tongue, or just the unfailing attempts to woo the one.

P.S. I call dibs on Nat as my new BFF.


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