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Title: Pieces of Camden
Author: Yessi Smith
Genre: New Adult

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This is a story of love.
And hate.

And struggle.

And addiction.

Then there’s Yanelys Sanchez—the one who made the journey worthwhile. She was the one who picked up my broken pieces, smoothed out the rough edges, and made me whole.

At least as much as I can be.

I’m still failing, still recovering, still trying. I’m only human—drunk on the idea that she, and only she, can save me.


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With his shoulders slumped and his eyes downcast, I can hardly see the boy I once knew. But he’s in there somewhere, and every part of me wants to find him. More than that, I want Camden to find himself.

Whatever I’ve been through without him is nothing compared to what he’s been through. Forgiveness creeps into my heart, slightly freeing me of the weight I’ve carried for seven long years.

I can’t hate the boy who left me any more than I can prevent my lungs from breathing.

Smiling broadly, I take Camden’s hand, and he laces his fingers through mine.

Warm familiarity sears into my skin while butterflies explode in my stomach, expelling the knot I just had moments ago. Turning on the tips of my feet, I spin around to face him. He arches an eyebrow, and I laugh.

He’s still my Camden.

He might have left me, but he also gave me the best parting present imaginable.

Without reservation, I tightly wrap my arms around his stomach and rest my head on his chest, listening to his erratic heartbeat.

So skinny, I think when I reach around and clasp my hands behind his back.

Camden doesn’t hesitate as he puts his arms around me, leaning his head on top of mine.

“You left me,” I whisper into his chest.

He lifts his head and takes my hair out of the bun. He begins to comb his fingers through my hair and I hold back a sigh. “I know.”

Two words. That’s all it takes to break my resolve.

Face flushed with resentment, I push off of him and square my shoulders. “You left me with just a memory!” I accuse. “You tore me to pieces, and now? Now, you want to come back into my life. No. No, no, no, Camden! You don’t get to pick and choose when I’m convenient.”

I shove him again, each shove getting harder, until his back is against the wall. Tears stream down my face, the witnesses of my despair. When I move to walk away from him, Camden takes ahold of my hand and brings me to him. He wraps his arms around me, pressing my body to his, until we are flush with one another. Struggling in his grasp, I lift my head to yell at him, but he crushes his lips against mine.

“I’m sorry,” he murmurs against my mouth. “I’m sorry, Yan. I’m sorry,” he continues to whisper between the light kisses he presses into me.

The taste of his despair is my undoing, so I kiss him back. Harder, wanting to take away his pain.

When we finally separate, we look at each other, breathless. Words go unspoken as our panting settles.


About The Author


Yessi Smith lives in South Florida with her husband, seven-year-old son, and newborn baby. She is also owned by a neurotic border collie and “ferocious” rottweiler.

She has a bachelor’s degree in business management and a master’s in human resource management. She has held several jobs, from picking up dog poop to upper management positions. Now, she hopes to leave the business world behind, so she can live full-time in a world that does not exist until she places her fingers on a keyboard and brings it to fruition.

Previous work includes Life’s A Cappella, Love, Always, New Forever and Life Interrupted.

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Pieces of Camden
Yessi Smith

Holy Hurt! Wow, you would have to be made of titanium to not cry reading this book. Yessi Smith made sure that the readers fell to pieces while learning about Camden's pieces.

If you are afraid to feel...
Have the inability to feel...
Or have no heart whatsoever...
That is about to change.

If you feel empathy, sympathy, and have a past history of crying while reading...find tissues now.

If your friend Jill, recommends this book to you...say yes, but expect to send her PMs saying how much you dislike her. Hopefully she will understand...eventually.

Camden, where to begin, without telling the end...
Cam lives/lived a difficult life. He has only know hope because on Yan. Yan is his light and life. Light can chase away the darkness, but it still hides in the corners. It waits lingering, and festering. It knows you will be vulnerable. It waits.

Cam fears his darkness will snuff out Yan's light, so he does the only thing he knows to do. He takes away his darkness not realizing that he only allowed it to grow.

Camden has never been able to embrace love. He has never acknowledged that is what Yan and her family gave him. There are pieces of him that know they gave him love but they are few and far between.

What few pieces are left of Camden at the start of this tale are not enough to make him whole. He will never make it, unless he can embrace the love.

Pieces of Camden is a tragically beautiful story. It will rip your heart to shreds. It will destroy your faith in humanity, while simultaneously rebuilding your hope. So few authors can show the absolute and utter despair so that it bleeds through to the reader. Many can make you sad, some can make you hurt, and even fewer take away a piece of your soul.

Camden may end the book have some of his pieces repaired, but Yessi Smith stole some of mine.


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