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Captive and bound by the one person who vowed to cause her harm since her very first breath, Kylee Parker finds herself facing the demons of her past. Lost among the shadows, she struggles to maintain her sanity in hopes of surviving. In the clutches of the underground mafia, she fights to find an escape from the person who gave her life.

Alexander Grant’s sole focus has been his work: serving his country and taking down the bad guys. While leading an elite group of soldiers on a highly classified mission in South Korea, he finds himself thrust into the throes of passion with the woman who changed everything. But when danger comes calling and she is kidnapped, he must choose between his heart and his job.

Will he jeopardize the career he is bound to . . . or risk it all to save her?


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Former Director for a major corporation, Victoria has spent most of her life inside of a book. When she wasn’t reading, she was busy scribbling down stories of her own. Meeting her husband while he was in the United States Army, Victoria quickly adapted and learned the role of the military spouse.

After finishing her Business Management Degree in college, she spent years working in the corporate world where her writing quickly fell to the wayside. Finally, taking time away from the corporate world, Victoria has been able to dive into her stories and create a whole new world for you to live in.

She now resides in the sunny Tampa, Florida area with her husband, son, and two amazing boxers. When she isn’t writing, you can find her on the beach or hiking. Maybe even writing on the beach . . .




Bound by Blood
Victoria Renteria

This is the second book in the Betrayed series and this one is dark and about as gritty as it gets! This can be read as a standalone since this is the first book I’ve read by this author and I was fine. I would like to warn that this is a book that covers some pretty disturbing subject matter and there are some that would probably have a bit of a difficult time reading this. I personally love dark reads and the darker they are the more I love them so this wasn’t a problem for me at all! Kylee has been abducted and is being held and viscously tortured by her freaking mother! This blew my mind and made each and every one of the already difficult to read torture scenes that much harder to get through for me. As a parent of three children, I just honestly can’t even wrap my mind around the fact that a mother would be physically able to do that to her child, let alone enjoy it like Kylee’s mother did. Alex is Kylee’s lover and he’s a member of a special ops team that is hell bent on finding Kylee and exacting revenge on whoever was stupid enough to target her. He’s having an extremely difficult time with the fact that he doesn’t have any control over the situation and each day that she’s gone is wrecking him. There are so many things that happen throughout this one story and it definitely kept and held my interest the entire time. I definitely recommend checking this one out, especially if you’re a big fan of stories that are extremely dark in nature.


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