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Finding My Forever
by Shevawn Michelle
Coming September 2016
all have that one person who we know are meant just for us. The one who we tell
our inner most secrets to, share our joy, every triumph, every loss, every fail,
with. That doesn’t always mean that we get to be with them, but it is a driving
force that keeps us pressing forward, trying to conquer the unconquerable,
always searching for ways to beat the odds. For Braxton Caulder, that person is
Allie Johnson.  Growing up as best friends,
Braxton never thought they would find themselves so far apart, but that’s
exactly what happens when Allie decides to go to college in California, leaving
Alabama and Braxton behind.
young adults trying to find their way in life. Braxton knows what he wants, to
be an architect like his dad, and Allie. Allie has no idea of how Braxton feels
about her, he knows she wants more out of life in bigger and better places than
their small town. He doesn’t want to risk their friendship and so he clings to
the hope that one day she’ll realize how deep his feelings run. Until then, he
can only be there for her.

Allie Johnson has been dreaming of getting her
Biomedical Engineer degree with a focus on Chemistry Research, so that she can
work on finding a cure for Lupus. Her best friend, Braxton, lost his mother due
to complications when he was ten. Allie wants to make a difference and she
knows that for her, Gardendale, Alabama isn’t where she needs to be. She
attends college in California at USC, two thousand miles away from home. When
trouble finds her, beats her down, and threatens to ruin everything she has
worked for, she realizes the one person who she has pushed away is the one she
needs the most. Time and distance separate the two friends, but can it separate
two hearts?

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Finding Strength

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