Take Me As I Am by Shaniel Watson





Title: Take Me As I Am
Series: Imperfections #3
Author: Shaniel Watson
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Design: Sarah Hansen, Okay Creations 
Release Date: November 29, 2016


Can one night of passion ignite a fire that will last a lifetime?

Sexy, overbearing, bold, take no prisoners Ava Alexander drives me crazy. She’s the opposite of me and everything I don’t want in a woman.

Then there’s Sage Wilson…everything I should and do want. Ava’s a match, and if I let her, she’ll burn down everything around me. But one night is all it takes. A night seared into my mind of a raven-haired temptress with a body made for the worst kind of the sweetest sin and regret.

I don’t want to hurt anyone. If I let her break down my defenses, that’s exactly what will happen.

I’m a woman who knows what she wants and I make no apologies for it. Smart and successful, I have everything. Except for the one man I have my sight set on, Christopher Reed, my best friend’s brother. He’s handsome, caring, patient, the voice of reason. But don’t be fooled, as I learned, underneath all his controlled reserve is a man that commands obedience, and he’s not easily swayed by my charms and bold demeanor. But I’m a woman determined to show him I’m exactly what he needs. There’s only one problem: Sage. The one person standing in my way.


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Shaniel Watson lives in New York and is a full-time working mother of two beautiful little girls. She enjoys going to amusement parks and eating ice cream on warm summer days with her kids. You can find her reading or writing with her headphones on, music at full blast, on weekends and late into the night while everyone else is sleeping.
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Take Me As I Am
Shaniel Watson

What happens when total opposites attract and sparks begin to fly? That is what we get in Take Me As I Am by Shaniel Watson. Two completely opposite individuals who on the outside looking in are in no way suited for each other.

Ava Alexander is a take no prisoner kind of girl. She wants what she wants and makes no excuses when she goes after it. She believes in living life to the fullest. She has seen how quickly things can change and knows you only live once. What she wants is Christopher Reed, the man she has always wanted.

Christopher Reed is the voice of reason. He is the person everyone can count on, dependable, caring and always there for you when you need him. He believes he has found his perfect match in Sage. However, Ava, the thorn in his side for as long as he can remember, has been infiltrating her way into his life more often than not. But the one thing he does not want to do is hurt anyone, but should he settle for less, when he can have what he truly needs?

Chris has always felt Ava was over the top crazy. Since they were little and she played tricks on him and drove him nuts. But he finally gives in to one night with her and now he can’t get her out of his mind. He has decided to move forward with Sage, the woman he believes gives him everything he has ever wanted in a woman. Who needs to feel the earth move when you have the partner in life you always expected, right?

But Ava has other ideas. She knows Chris and her would be perfect, if he would just give them a chance. But Sage is in the way.

Determined to be the honest and fair man he is, Chris knows he needs to stay away from Ava, but somehow, they find a way to be friends. When she needs him the most, he is there for her, but now that he has seen a different side to her, can he really walk away from her?

What is the right thing to do? Follow what you always thought you wanted or follow your heart and body?

I really enjoyed this story. It was a fun, sexy, sparks flying off the page kind of read. Ava was a strong heroine who spoke her mind and went after what she wanted. She was smart and sexy and not afraid to stand up for herself. Chris is caring and sweet, but he also hides a dominant side that rocks Ava’s world. The chemistry between these two was incredible. I also loved the secondary characters and how they interacted with each other. I am looking forward to reading other books by this author.


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