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About Beautifully Broken:

I KNEW HE WOULD RUIN ME FROM THE MOMENT WE MET. Everything about the man screamed confidence. Sensuality. Intelligence. Worldliness. But it was how he saved me that ruined me most.

Through him, I learned to end my path of self-destruction. I no longer needed to numb the pain with mindless one-night-stands and drunken blackouts. He made me feel worthy. Treasured. Optimistic about my future.

Here I stand four years later, in a coffee shop a world away, still broken…but beautifully so. My scars no longer hold me back. Instead, they give me strength and enrich my appreciation for the good things in life. I have hopes and dreams…faith that anything is possible. I am no longer the lost little girl fighting for survival. I have direction. I have courage. I am not without possibility.

I’ll always have Gavin to thank for that—Mr. Cooper, I remind myself. That’s who he is to me now: just a former teacher. I know what you’re thinking, but don’t worry. I was eighteen when we first met. Legally, we did nothing wrong. Morally? Well, I guess that depends on how flexible your morals are.

My name is Kat and this is my story.


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About Laura Lee:

After working a 9-to-5 gig for many years, she happily traded it for a rewarding career as a self-published author. Laura is the author of the bestselling Karli Lane and Dealing with Love series. She is a proud member of the Romance Writers of America focusing on contemporary, urban fantasy, and paranormal romance.

Laura’s passion has always been storytelling. She spent most of her life with her nose in a book thinking of alternate endings or continuations to the story. She won her first writing contest at the ripe old age of nine, earning a trip to the state capital to showcase her manuscript. Thankfully for her, those early works will never see the light of day again!

Laura lives in the Pacific Northwest with her wonderful husband, two beautiful children, and three of the most poorly behaved cats in existence. She likes her fruit smoothies filled with rum, her cupboards stocked with Cadbury’s chocolate, and her music turned up loud. When she’s not writing or watching HGTV, she’s reading anything she can get her hands on. She’s a sucker for spicy romances, especially those involving vampires or cowboys!


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Beautifully Broken
Laura Lee

Beautifully Broken is an amazing story that reminds us that it is ok to be a little broken.

Just because you feel yourself falling, doesn't mean that you can't find your way back. Beautifully Broken isn't a story about a man rescuing a woman. It is a story about a woman losing control and the man that helps her find herself and shows her that it is ok to love who she is. Even broken she is important and can still find happiness. We all have had that one person that has touched out lives and showed us that we really are going to be ok. For Kat, the man that found her when she was lost was, her former teacher, Gavin.

This story sucked me in from the beginning. I felt so connected to the characters that I felt as if I was right there with them. This book was packed full of emotion and heart. Laura did an amazing job with the story. I generally do not enjoy a student/teacher romance, however, the way Laura wrote this one I knew from page one that I was going be to be sucked in.

Looking for your next steamy emotional read? This is the book for you. I am so glad I was given an opportunity to read this book, and I can't wait to see what Laura writes next.


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