His Condition by Lily Ryan



First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a threesome for the baby carriage.

Preston Barnes is the ideal husband. He’s loving. Passionate. Our Life together is as good as it gets. As long as I don’t mention the “B” word. That’s when he transforms from the man of my dreams to an ugly monster. His warm loving eyes turn hard and cold. The arms that hold me close at night push me away and keep me at a distance.

From the outside looking in, we have everything a young couple could want. A beautiful house. Money in the bank. What we don’t have is the one thing I want most of all. A baby. He’ll give me what I want under one condition. I have sex with another man.

A threesome is the gamble of my life, I have everything to lose. But if I don’t take the chance, I may have lost everything already.


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His Condition
Lily Ryan

So, the blurb for this starts with “First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a threesome for the baby carriage.” Um, say what? And yes, I will read this.  This erotic novella with some light BDSM will not disappoint.


Chloe Barnes loves her husband. He is all she ever wanted and now she is living the American dream. By all appearances, Preston and Chloe have it all. They love and cherish each other. But when she brings up the topic of a baby, Preston does not react well. Thrown by his behavior, she is at a loss on how to reach him.


The more Chloe thinks about it, she realizes she needs to find a way to reach him and make him see they could be good parents. Chloe surprises Preston with what she is willing to do and the trust she has in him. He loves her, but still doubts he could ever be a good father. When he finally realizes this is what she truly wants, he gives her an ultimatum. He will agree to having a baby, but first she must agree to a threesome…with another man.


Chloe is at a loss. She loves her husband. Wants to make him happy. Strives for openness and being adventurous in their sex lives, but could she let another man touch her? Even if it is at her husband’s request and desire? She has too much to lose, but will she lose more by not agreeing?
This was a great, fun, light read where a happily married couple explore their sexual desires. And though the sex scenes were hot and steamy, keep a fan handy, I liked the story as well. Definitely worth the read!


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