From a Distance by LM Carr




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“Sometimes love is selfish, but beautiful…” – NTY Bestselling author, Heidi McLaughlin

“A love story that will drag race straight into your soul and win over your heart.” – Gretchen de la O, author of Broken Girl



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From a Distance by LM Carr

From a Distance
LM Carr

Absolutely Gutwrenching and Hauntingly Beautiful!!!

Karrie is drawn into a spider's web by the man she is married to. Alex lies, cheats, and likes to keep Karrie under his thumb. I see no escape for her, and no relief from her sham of a marriage. The person she thought loved her, turns out to be the one who was going to destroy her! I think that every minute of their relationship was a Big Fat Lie!! If he was somebody that I loved, he would be very sorry! His friend Tyler would be sorry too! Tyler is an enabler! He helps hide Alex's bad behavior from Karrie, but in the end all of Alex's lies are revealed! I'll just say that Karrie deserves every ounce of happiness she can find!

I loved Karrie! She is sweet, loving and sassy! I was able to forgive Tyler, but could not forgive Alex! He caused more wreckage than a hundred car pile up! I He deserved everything that came his way, and then some!! The author did a great job of keeping the reader on this emotional journey. I can't wait to read more from this author!


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