Save My Heart by Rhonda James




Title: Save My Heart
Series: Sticks & Hearts #3 (Standalone)
Author: Rhonda James
Genre: Sports Romance
Release Date: March 16, 20 17
I’ve spent my entire life protecting something.The net.

My teammates.

My sister.

I’ve played hockey my entire life. Had many girlfriends. Slept with more women than I care to mention. Been in love twice. 

While one woman tried to control me by changing me into someone I no longer recognized, the other loved me not for who I could be, but for who I already was.

She was my high school sweetheart but, like a fool, I walked away and let someone else take my place. Now she’s back and even more beautiful than I remembered. Once upon a time she trusted me with her heart and I broke it. This time, I’ll do whatever it takes to win her back.

I was the first boy she ever kissed. After all these years, I want to be the only man she kisses for the rest of her life.


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Rhonda James is an International Amazon best-selling author who loves a good HEA, believes nice guys don’t finish last, and strives to create a book boyfriend for all her readers. Rhonda is married and lives in Michigan with her family. When not writing, some of her guilty pleasures include kissing, diving into a good book, and wasting time on Facebook, though she may do one more than the others.


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Save My Heart
Rhonda James

Save My Heart by Rhonda James is a second chance at love romance. Do you ever really forget your first love? The emotions. The memories. And what if things did not end well? Then you see them years later and wondered what if?

Scotty and Skylar were each other’s first love, but things did not end well for them. Now years later they are face-to-face again. Can they move past their history or is it too late for them?

Scotty has graduated and is ready to start his first season in the NHL. Life could not be more perfect. Or could it? He is happy to be achieving his goal, but he sees those around him and wonders if he is missing out. Scotty has always been the one looking out for others. Though he can come off at as a jerk, we get to see a different side of him as well and learn what made him who he is. He has only ever loved two women who could not be more different from each other. And now he finds himself at a crossroad.

Skylar loves her job, until she gets her next assignment, which puts her in front of the man who broke her heart years ago. I found Skylar to be determined, kind and loving, but after being hurt by someone she loved, she is very cautious about opening her heart. Her insecurities and background left her guarded.

During the story, we get flashbacks to their history. You see their connection from the start and how that chemistry is still there years later. But can they find a way to let go of the past and see what the future can hold for them?

I found Save My Heart to be emotional at times, but also fun and sexy read. There was humor, angst and friendships. This was a great second chance at love story with likeable characters you can root for.

~ Liz


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