LaClaire Touch by Dori Lavelle


Title: LaClaire Touch
An After Hours Novel
Author: Dori Lavelle
Genre: Steamy Contemporary Romance
Release Date: July 31, 2017
When a man pays for
my body, I shut off my emotions, close my eyes, and force myself to push through.
No thinking. No feeling. No breaking apart.
Soon the debts will be paid. Soon I’ll scrub their cologne and sweat from my
skin and walk away from this business for good, pretending it never happened.

For now, my body is not my own. For now, I belong to any man who can afford

But when Derrick LaClaire asks for a night with me, I turn him away, even when
he offers to pay triple what I earn per hour. I need his cash, but if I let him
touch me, I know I’ll break every single one of my rules. And he’ll discover
who I really am.

LaClaire Touch is a steamy full-length, standalone novel with a happy ending.

**WARNING: Due to sexual situations and adult content, this book is not
intended for readers under the age of 18. **


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Author Bio

Dori Lavelle, is a mother, wife, and a sucker for happy-ever-afters and mint chocolate.Growing up, Dori read a lot, and when she wasn’t happy with a particular ending, she wrote a different one, just for herself. Before long, she was writing stories when she should have been doing homework. The time has come for her to share the stories she cooks up in her head.

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LaClaire Touch
Dori Lavelle

LaClaire Touch: An After Hours Novel by Dori Lavelle was such a hot and steamy surprise. A second chance at love story with a twist. Can the playboy and the down on her luck girl find a way back to each other?


Brooke Raynor does what she must to survive. She has no one but herself to depend on. When a man buys her body, she shuts down and goes through the process. She has a purpose. No breaking apart for her. This will end, but for now she does what she has too to survive. Than Derrick LaClaire comes back into her life and asks for time with her body. But it’s the last thing she wants, because she knows one touch and she will be done for.


Derrick LaClaire does not do relationships. He enjoys traveling looking for adventures and fun nights. As a rich man, he does as he pleases, in and out of the bedroom. When he ends up at The Mirage, he finds himself drawn to a woman that wants nothing to do with him.


Brooke takes one look at Derrick and wants to run away. The boy who broke her heart years ago. Her journey has been so hard, her story broke my heart. But she was determined to make her life better. Derrick was a man who was used to getting what he wanted. He was strong and very determined.


When Derrick sees Brooke again, he wants to help her. But there is so much history and secrets between them. Can they find a way back to each other? This is a story of healing and rediscovery. A different kind of second chance at love story. It was one steamy read with strong characters that will draw you in. I believe this may be part of a series, which I have not read, but did not feel as if I was missing anything.

~ Liz


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