Title: Tell Me That You’re Mine

Author: Victorial De La O

Publisher: SMP Swerve

Release Date: August 29, 2017

Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance

Series: Tell Me #3

Format: Digital

ISBN: 9781250122100


Ryan McCallister is ready to come home and put the heartbreak of his first love behind him. But when he returns after teaching abroad, the home he once knew isn’t quite ready for him. The woman Ryan once loved is living with his brother; his friends have moved on; and his new landlady, Eva Romero, seems determined not to like him.

But Ryan likes Eva. A lot.

It doesn’t matter that Eva has a six-year-old son and a troubled ex-husband; when Ryan’s with her, everything makes sense. Eva isn’t convinced she’s ready to take another chance on love, but Ryan’s determined to show her he’s worth the risk.

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It’s feels like an eternity since I’ve been home. In reality, it’s only been a year.

My slow walk to the house is surreal. The lawn is as pristine as ever, each blade of grass shorn the same height by Jude’s meticulous mowing. The red geraniums I planted years ago are thriving. And the dent in the porch rail, caused by my foot accidentally connecting with the wood, is still visible. But I don’t remember the house being this uninspiring shade of blue, or the crack on the front stoop being this wide. This house, this city, used to be my whole world. It seemed a lot bigger then.

Discordance skitters over my spine: what should be familiar is foreign, relief mingles with anxiety. Time snaps and contracts as I knock on the front door, and suddenly it seems like an hour since I left. A nanosecond.

The door swings open, and the reason for my hasty departure is staring at me. She’s as pretty as I remember—maybe more, damn her. Green eyes that used to flutter when I kissed her, full lips that whispered confidences in my ear.

Now, her face is frozen in a hostess’ smile. Her fingers worry the bottom button of her pink cardigan and the threads begin to loosen. She doesn’t know what to do because she wasn’t expecting me. I guess it wasn’t nice showing up a day early.

“Ryan. You’re home.”

Home. Does she mean mine or hers?

I had almost forgotten what Lizzie’s voice sounded like, but its husky depth brings the memories of the six months we spent loving each other rushing back.

Well, I had been loving her. She’d been falling in love with my brother.

I wait for my heart to ache, but there’s only a small twinge. That’s a surprise. In my mind, this was all so much more dramatic and intense. Hard stares and pinched lips. A little social awkwardness seems so mundane by comparison.

And then the door swings open wider and Jude is there. My pulse stops—doesn’t slow, just ceases to exist for a second. Leave it to him to bring the fireworks.

Like the house, Jude seems smaller than I remember. Or maybe that’s because he has gone expressionless, his discomfort hard-crashing him. His hands dig into his pockets, searching for an anchor, pulling his shoulders into a hunch. It takes a lot to knock Jude off his game. Glad to see I can still have that effect on him.

When he opens his mouth, no sound comes out. It’s unusual for me to have to step up and be the better man when I’m around my big brother. But today is that day.

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About Victoria De La O:

Victoria De La O is the award-winning and RITA®-nominated author of the Tell Me romance trilogy, including Tell Me How This Ends. A native of California’s Silicon Valley, she spends time hanging out with her family, arguing about films, and practicing Wonder Woman spins, She loves talking to readers, so find her at

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Victoria De La O
4.5 stars

Tell Me That You’re Mine by Victoria De La O was the perfect ending to her Tell Me series. This series must be read in order, as Ryan has a part in Tell Me How It Ends, book 1. I loved Ryan in the first book, absolutely loved him, but totally agree in how the first book ended. Now he gets his own story.

It’s been one year since Ryan left to give his brother and Lizzie their chance at love. Though he knows leaving was the best decision, he is now ready to come home. But home has changed for him. Jude and Lizzie are happy and in love and living together in his old home. His friends have moved on and he must now find his place in this new normal.

We first met Eva and her son in Tell Me Not To Go, book 2 in the series. She was Jeff’s landlord and now that he has moved out, he recommends Ryan as a renter. Eva is a divorced single mom that is barely surviving, much less living. Her son is her number one priority. But she is still a woman with needs and desires.

One look at each other and Ryan and Eva know the other is trouble. Ryan is twenty-four and has his whole life ahead of him. Working to get his master degree in education. His dream is to be a teacher. Eva is twenty-seven and has way too many responsibilities to even consider Ryan as a real option. Her son, her job, her troubled ex-husband who still wants his family back are enough to scare any man away. There are just too many obstacles between them.

But when they are together, nothing else matters. Ryan was so sweet and caring. He grew to care about both Eva and Diego so much. He understood what being with Eva meant and accepted it, because he wanted her in his life. Eva struggled to balance life between her needs, Diego’s needs and her ex-husband’s needs. Where does Ryan fit in all that? Throw in Jude and his expectations of what life should be for Ryan and the obstacles just continue to stack up. Can they find a way to be together?

This was such a sweet story. I loved Eva and Ryan so much. They were so good together, but really struggled to find their way to each other. I loved seeing Ryan finally come into his own and find who he was and what he wanted. And Eva was so strong and caring, but also had to learn to put what she wanted first to find her way to what was best for her and Diego.

I loved this series so much. The characters, the stories and the feels just drew me in and had me wanting more. Tell Me That You’re Mine was a perfect ending to this series. And that epilogue brought it all together and left me as a reader so happy and content! I am looking forward to reading more from this author.

~ Liz


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